50 Cent continues to troll Madonna after ‘sorry didn’t work’

Madonna and 50 Cent feud
50 Cent hits back at Madonna for not accepting his Instagram apology. Pic credit: ©

Madonna got a rare apology out of 50 Cent after taking to Instagram to mock her risqué photoshoot.

The singer wasn’t satisfied with 50 Cent’s sorry and called him out for being fake.

Therefore, 50 Cent decided to return to mocking the singer after his apology was rejected.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, after the singer called out 50 Cent for making fun of her photoshoot, he issued an apology to Madonna, writing in on a December 3 Instagram post:

“I must have hurt Madonna feelings, she went and dug up a old MTV photo from 03. ok Im sorry i did not intend to hurt your feelings .I don’t benefit from this in anyway i said what i thought when i saw the picture because of where i had seen it before i hope you accept my apology.”

However, the pop legend responded and listed off her reasons why she did not accept his olive branch.

In the video, the Like a Virgin singer accused the rapper and actor of being ageist and misogynistic with his Instagram post.

She also rejected the notion that he hurt her feelings or wasn’t benefitting from his social media activity.

50 Cent continues trolling Madonna because ‘sorry didn’t work’

50 Cent continues to reference Madonna’s 1984 hit song Like a Virgin to mock her photoshoot in which she posed under a bed.

The In Da Club rapper seemingly directly responds to her video in which she touched on using social media as a platform to influence.

“?well what a positive influence you are. LOL #likeavirgin63 challenge. ??‍♂️ I’m sorry, SORRY DIDN’T WORK ! ?” he wrote in the caption of a photo that shows several people striking the pose.

The rapper is known for his no filter social media activity. The rapper received backlash for mocking Megan Thee Stallion after claiming Tory Lanez shot her in 2020.

He also angered Will Smith, who sent him profanity-laced IG direct messages after joking about his marriage to Jada.

50 Cent hits at Bow Wow for ‘liking’ Madonna’s clap back 

The Power actor took notice of Bow Wow offering the Queen of Pop support with a like on her video in which she rejected his apology.

“I see BOW WOW mad I told everybody he took that money home from that strip club. SMH Fool, that money was for the dancers!”

In 2019, 50 Cent accused Bow Wow of pocketing money meant for the strip club dancers in a series of Instagram posts.

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