Rita Wilson is Ginny’s therapist on Pitch: Everything you need to know

Rita Wilson makes a guest appearance in this week’s episode of Pitch, as Ginny’s therapist. Upon signing a huge deal with Nike, Ginny (Kylie Bunbury) feels an overwhelming sense of pressure, which leads to a night of rebellion and a mandatory session with Rita’s character. The episode, titled Wear It, also guest-stars Kevin Connolly, Joanna Garcia

Who is Amelia on Pure Genius? It’s actress Laura Seay

This week’s episode of Pure Genius on CBS sees James, Walter and Talaikha look after Amelia (Laura Seay), a young lady who desperately needs a liver transplant. However, she puts up a fight when they tell her the donor is her estranged father, Simon (Doug Savant). But who is Laura Seay? She is an up-and-coming actress from Seattle who has

Travis Kelce and girls party with Redfoo on Catching Kelce

The ladies chosen for this week’s group date on Catching Kelce are in for a shock — when they find themselves at Redfoo’s Party Rock Mansion. Yep, that’s the Redfoo from LMFAO. As well as being the name of his recent debut album, Party Rock Mansion is also the name of his house. As they party with Redfoo

The best movie cars of all time

Filmmakers have often used cars to give their films some added box-office appeal. In fact, in some cases a film is even based around a car. Sometimes the car is the star, sometimes the hero, other times the villain. Here are our 10 best movie cars of all time. 1Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds The iconic Ford