Kicking & Screaming recap: The invisibility cloak and worm whisperer edition

The campers have lasted another few days on FOX’s not-quite-a-survival-show Kicking & Screaming. I can’t even watch this with my husband anymore, because all he does is yell at the TV. “Makeup? She’s putting on makeup?” and “Where do they get headlamps?” and “Are they really brushing their teeth?!?!” No, Kicking & Screaming will not

New ice cold Game of Thrones video drops some heavy clues for Season 7

The old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Not sure how that is going to sit as the remaining “royals” of the Westeros are seen in the latest Game of Thrones clip from HBO. The new trailer for Season 7 teases fans mercilessly for the premiere on July 16. Set to a song titled “Sit

The Amazing Race 29 cast: Meet the contestants

The countdown to The Amazing Race 29 is over — but who are the 22 contestants taking part? The 22 cast members will all be paired up with a complete stranger to make 11 teams of two as they race around the world in a bid to win $1million. This is the 29th season of the

Jenna Elfman: Who is the star of ABC’s new comedy show Imaginary Mary?

ABC’s new comedy series Imaginary Mary stars Jenna Elfman as career-focused Alice whose life gets turned inside-out. But just who is Jenna and where have you seen her before? Jenna was born Jennifer Mary Butala in Los Angeles, California, in 1971. She has Croatian ancestry (on her father’s side of the family) and is the youngest of

New sitcom Imaginary Mary, starring Jenna Elfman, premieres on ABC

ABC’s new comedy series Imaginary Mary starts tonight — telling its story through a combination of live-action and CGI animation. The gorgeous Jenna Elfman takes the lead role of Alice, a driven, career-focused woman who fears commitment and doubts her maternal abilities. Alice falls madly in love with handsome, witty divorcee Ben (played by Stephen Schneider), the man