New sitcom Imaginary Mary, starring Jenna Elfman, premieres on ABC

Alice with her furry imaginary friend from childhood, Mary, who makes a surprise return to her life!

ABC’s new comedy series Imaginary Mary starts tonight — telling its story through a combination of live-action and CGI animation.

The gorgeous Jenna Elfman takes the lead role of Alice, a driven, career-focused woman who fears commitment and doubts her maternal abilities.

Alice falls madly in love with handsome, witty divorcee Ben (played by Stephen Schneider), the man of her dreams. The only thing is, she panics when she finds out he has three kids!

As Alice struggles with her fears and anxieties, her imaginary friend from childhood, Mary (an animated, innocent-looking, furry-but-cute creature voiced by Rachel Dratch) appears and makes things even more complicated!

With Alice and Ben’s relationship becoming more and more serious and Mary trying to cast doubt in her mind, can Alice conquer her fears and get rid of “imaginary” Mary for good?

Imaginary Mary promises to be a fast-paced comedy with lots of sharp one-liners. Check out the official trailer for Imaginary Mary below and see what you think.

We reckon if you like kooky comedies then this is right up your alley!

Imaginary Mary airs on Wednesdays at 8.30/7.30c on ABC.

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