Recap: ‘Below Deck’, The “Mermaid Overboard” Edition

Last week, on BravoTV’s “Below Deck,” the episode ended with the oven on fire. This week begins with Eddie running into the galley to put out the fire. Good call! “Close the door,” Eddie tells Rocky. He’s trying to contain the fire. I’m still really surprised the stewardesses weren’t better trained for a fire emergency.

The Following – The Third and Final Season Blu-ray Review

Thanks to a chilling performance from Michael Ealy, The Following finishes its television run with a strong storyline and leaves open the chance for a return at some point. The Following – The Third and Final Season arrives on Blu-ray featuring all 15 episodes from the season and a wealth of bonus material to take

10 reasons we all love Star Wars so much

Star Wars is without doubt one of the most awe-inspiring movie-making phenomenons of all time. So it’s no wonder that the new string of movies has sent fans’ excitement into hyperspace. Here are 10 reasons why we love the Force, and all those who wield it… 1 Because it’s Far, Far Away The excitement starts immediately you

Review: Neon Indian ‘VEGA INTL. Night School’

Alan Palomo of Neon Indian is making his rounds through the indie circuit right now and people are being electrified by his powerful synths, easy demeanor, and 80’s Miami sound. “VEGA INTL. Night School” is one of several unique albums I have heard in a long time, and Palomo is bringing back some sounds that


Interview: No Joy

No Joy have been really busy, the Canadian quartet completed a rapid-fire tour in Europe, now they are touring across the states with dream pop heroes DIIV. For the entirety of October, the indie rock band were booked solid to play shows all across the country, now they are spending a good amount of tour


Review: Fuzz ‘II’

Do you like Black Sabbath and proggy psychedelia? Then go listen to Fuzz II! The power-trio return with their second record which brings over an hours worth of chunky riffs, spacey grooves and some good old-fashioned head banging. While nothing on Fuzz II is mind-blowingly original, it’s so fun that it doesn’t matter. The constant


Review: Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

I was lucky enough to go to not only one of the greatest city’s in the entire U.S. but also one of the best music festival experiences to date. Treasure Island Music Festival occurs every October on the eponymous island, which is situated in the bay between San Francisco and Oakland, the festival brings a

Emma Donoghue on filming Room her award winning novel (interview)

Irish born playwright and literary historian Emma Donoghue’s novel Room is now a movie. And she had the rare opportunity to write the screenplay for the highly anticipated film version. The story of a woman and her son held captive in a basement for 11 years, escaping and dealing with the aftermath won Rogers Writers’

Watch Adele’s First Song In Three Years: Hello (VIDEO)

It’s finally here — Adele’s first new song in three years: Hello. Full of emotion and power, the song is set to be the first single on her new album 25, which will be released on November 20, five years after her smash hit album 21. The video, shot by renowned director Xavier Dolan, was filmed