10 reasons we all love Star Wars so much

Princess Leia
There are lots of reasons we all love Star Wars. Here’s just a few of them…

Star Wars is without doubt one of the most awe-inspiring movie-making phenomenons of all time.

So it’s no wonder that the new string of movies has sent fans’ excitement into hyperspace.

Here are 10 reasons why we love the Force, and all those who wield it…

1 Because it’s Far, Far Away


The excitement starts immediately you see those iconic opening titles. Why? Because you’re going to be transported somewhere. To a “galaxy far, far away” to be exact.

The ambiguity of that sentence is beautiful, as all we know of the Star Wars galaxy before the first movie starts is that it’s a long, long way from the drudgery of planet earth.

It helps us buy into the amazing worlds that are about to be set out before us. The fact they are free from a fixed point or location makes them all the more magical.

2 Ewoks


While this primitive teddy bear-like race might not make everyone’s list, it’s hard not to be fond of the Ewoks.

It’s true that the reason we probably first got drawn to their cute, cuddly appearance was because we were only eight at the time.

But no matter which side of the fence you fall, you can’t deny that the Ewoks still have an enduring charm.

You’d have to have the heart of a Sith not to get a lump in your throat when, after the battle on Endor, two Ewoks lie motionless on the ground and don’t rise when prodded :-(

3 Princess Leia


She’s one of the few princesses who doesn’t actually want to be saved — because she’s strong too.

Leia is feisty, opinionated and brave like every good princess should be.

She is someone little girls always looked up to for her strength, even if her sense of style – and haircut – left something to be desired.

She showed that girls can fight right alongside the boys!

RIP Carrie Fisher.

4 The Force


The age-old battle of good versus evil is timeless and this is reflected in the Force which relies on a balance between both sides.

Like the opening titles, the Force is ambiguous but this only adds to its appeal. It exists, we don’t know why, and it’s stronger in some people than others.

How much we take it to be a reflection of real life is up to us.

5 Jedi Knights


Watching Luke Skywalker use his Jedi powers to get inside Jabba the Hutt’s palace made wannabe Jedis out of millions of us in the 80s.

How amazing would it be to be able to get out of a parking ticket with just some soft words and a wave of your hand? The Jedis’ strict moral code makes them even more impressive.

6 Lightsabers


What’s better than a sword? “A sword of flames” you cry? No! How about a sword of pure light that can sever limbs and is so hot it cauterises wounds so there’s no messy spurts of blood.

Even better, a lightsaber is easy to store away as, with just the press of a button, it retracts leaving it to easily fit within a pocket or purse or handbag.

Practical and lethal, the perfect weapon.

7 Han Solo


He’s cheeky, spirited and has a loveable sidekick. Han Solo was always the lovable rogue and it came as no surprise when Leia was drawn to him.

He also has the most badass of badass spaceships in the shape of the Millennium Falcon.

8 Yoda


So wise and, thanks to the prequel trilogy, we now know that he’s also rather sprightly for his age when backed in to a corner.

Yoda is the seasoned Jedi who seeks to train Luke after his kind have been all but hunted in to extinction.

What makes Yoda loveable? Is it his cute size? His muppet voice? Or the fact that he always speaks in split infinitives?

Whatever it is that makes him such a wonderful addition to the movies, love him you must.

9 The Dark Side


Whilst not everyone loved the prequel trilogy, the films did offer an interesting insight in to the murky depths of the Dark Side.

Anakin’s fall from grace was dramatic and culminated in his slaying of innocent young Jedis.

But his actions came from a place of love, which suddenly made the villain of the original three films difficult to hate. And that makes the ultimate battle between good and evil all the more interesting.

10 It Endures…


The Force is definitely still strong. People still love the original movies and with a new release just around the corner a whole new generation is set to spend countless hours fantasising about becoming a Jedi.

That’s surely the sign of a truly great movie; no matter how much time passes it remains relevant and people are still eager to be transported to a galaxy far, far away…preferably at lightspeed.

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