Recap: ‘Below Deck’, The “Mermaid Overboard” Edition


Last week, on BravoTV’s “Below Deck,” the episode ended with the oven on fire. This week begins with Eddie running into the galley to put out the fire. Good call!

“Close the door,” Eddie tells Rocky. He’s trying to contain the fire. I’m still really surprised the stewardesses weren’t better trained for a fire emergency.

Eddie puts out the fire with a quick blast from a fire extinguisher.

“Really? A f**king fire?” Eddie is not happy.

“This is Kate’s fault. Why would you throw a pizza in the oven with other s**t in the over?” Rocky is trying to blame Kate for the fire by saying she needed to take empty pans out of the oven before putting the pizza in it.

The guests know there was an actual fire, but Kate’s trying to bulls**t them. Unfortunately, the burning smell and the fire alarms didn’t fool them.

“A boat this size can burn down to the waterline in minutes,” Lee says. He’s disgusted with what’s going on. “So who was down here?”

“Rocky and Kate,” Eddie says. And the finger pointing begins.

Kate’s claiming grease fire problems because the oven was dirty. Rocky says it’s Kate’s fault.

“I’m not taking the blame for this one. Leon should take the blame,” Kate says.

“Today’s going to be a great day. Everyone is really exhausted, and now we have a fire to blame on someone,” Eddie says sarcastically. It’s the primary charter guest’s 50th birthday and they have a long day ahead of them.

Leon seems to have no reaction to the fact there was a fire. Emile slept through it too.

“So did they tell you when happened with the oven?” Rocky asks Leon. “So I’ll tell you what’s up. I’ll tell you what f**king happened.” She tells him Kate caused the fire.

“The pizza was still frozen. The fire only happened because Leon should have maybe cleaned the oven,” Kate tells Connie.

After all the guests are gone, Captain Lee begins his investigation of the fire, interviewing each crew member separately because he doesn’t want to listen to them argue.

Kate blames Rocky. Or Leon. Rocky blames Kate. But she doesn’t have any credibility because she loses it and pops off to the captain about her boss.

“She’s been treating Leon like absolute bulls**t… ” Rocky rants. Captain Lee is definitely not interested.

He finishes his investigation. “There was nothing put in the oven that would have caused it to happen right at that time other than what was already in it… a dirty oven was the culprit,” Lee says.

The last one they talk to is Leon. The captain calls him to the bridge.

“I wasn’t there,” Lee says right off the bat.

“Really, what a great attitude” Lee is not impressed.

Leon tells him what Rocky told him, quoting Rocky, about how Kate caused the fire.

“She was drinking as well, Kate,” Leon says. “It’s not the first time I’ve seen her drink.” Ouch! Talk about throwing somebody under the bus. No mercy. There’s absolutely no drinking allowed during charters.

“Did you see Kate drink?” Lee asks specifically, and Leon starts backing down.

“Not yesterday, no,” Leon says.

“He’s more concerned with bashing Kate than about the potential of sinking the boat because his galley caught on fire,” Lee says in interview. He tells Leon that he and Kate have go to work together and haven’t been, despite his special requests. Leon doesn’t show a willingness to cooperate in a workable way.

“The less she talks to me…” Leon tells the captain. That’s basically the nail in his coffin, because the chef and the chief stew really do have to coordinate things.

Lee realizes the situation is done. Leon doesn’t. When the captain fires him, Leon’s reaction is priceless.

“I think we might need to agree that this will be your last charter,” Lee says.

“You’re going to fire me?” He cannot even believe what he’s hearing. And he can’t believe the captain asked him to stay through the night and cook for the charter guests. He’s outta there. He isn’t about to do anything else.

“I’m off,” Leon says. “I’m over it. Over it.”

“Everything was always somebody else’s fault,” Lee says. He’s right. “On one hand I’m dealing the devil I know versus the devil I don’t,” he says. That doesn’t speak well to Lee’s opinion of Kate, either.

“If chef says he’s leaving, I’m leaving,” Rocky tells Amy, dramatically.

“I totally respect Chef’s decision…” Emile was a Leon fan. So was Rocky. Big time.

“Leon’s gone, and I have nobody,” Rocky says. She’s really upset. She starts ranting to
Amy and Eddie and they are trying to talk her off the ledge.

“We’re on the same team here, don’t yell at us,” Eddie tells her.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. Eddie’s trying to be the pro boson,” Rocky’s mad her booty call doesn’t agree with her.

“You’re just going to walk away?” Eddie asks, as Rocky storms toward the deck. That’s when she starts stripping off her clothes. And jumps overboard.

“Guys… we have… Rocky is in the water,” Eddie says over the radio.

“And she forgot the mermaid tail,” Kate pipes up.

“I’m not sure about you, but I would call that an exodus,” Less says. “Really?” He looks like he cannot believe the day he’s having.

“Where does she thinks he’s going?” Kate asks. That’s laughable. She’s totally right. Where does Rocky think she’s going to go?

The charter guests roll in just as the s**t is hitting the fan. Everybody is in panic mode.

“We’re going to get the guests off the boat… I’m going to buy them lunch,” Lee says.

“I’m already making the shots,” Kate’s behind the bar as the tender reaches the boat.

“We just did a man overboard. We had a fire drill last night… our chef has walked the plank. Our mermaid has jumped overboard. But still, that doesn’t mean out guests have to know about it,” Kate says, being very professional about the situation.

“If anybody’s capable of taking the guests and keeping them in a good mood, it’s Amy,” Lee just wants to clear the boat to get things sorted out. He’s gotta find a new chef.

Just as the guests cast off, another boat approaches their yacht.

“Eros this is Morningstar. We have your crew member on our ender and we’re approaching your swim platform,” a voice says over the radio.

“I am pissed out at Rocky. Who does she thinks he is. It’s embarrassing,” Eddie says.

Rocky runs onto the boat without talking to anybody. She goes in her cabin and calls her mom.

“I guess I don’t feel a part of the team right now,” Rocky boohoos while everybody else is working.

“Win the battle, win the war,” her mom coaches her.

“You just never know when the mermaid tail is going to come out,” Kate jokes. It’s not the first time Rocky’s gone overboard.

“I need help,” Lee says into the phone, probably to Ben. We’ve been waiting for him to reappear all season. Methinks he’s been waiting in the wings.

“If I click my heels, can I go home?” Lee asks. Very funny.

Extremely drunk guests come back to the boat for the birthday dinner and the crew starts faking it like champs.

“This is for sure the craziest day of yachting I’ve ever had,” Amy says.

Eventually, Rocky makes her way out of her cabin and goes to see the captain.

“I want to say I’m sorry,” Rocky says

“I’m not big on apologies,” Lee tells her that an apology is more for her than for him. Zing! Nice one!

Already down a deck hand and a chef, the captain can’t afford to lose Rocky, too. He needs somebody to try and make dinner. So he lets her think she’s getting another chance. They only have two charters left.

All the guests are dressed up for a fancy white party while Kate’s on the phone trying to track down a birthday cake for the primary charter guest, who has never had a birthday cake before. She also orders up fireworks, no matter what the cost. She has no dinner plan yet, but she’ll get it from a restaurant if necessary.

Rocky volunteers to take over the kitchen. She crumbles Oreos over veggies and calls it a cool New York-style salad. Barf!

“Here’s your chance, Chef Rocky,” Kate groans. She doesn’t have another choice.

“After the last meal Rocky cooked for us, I couldn’t let her cook this on her own,” Eddie remembers the raw chicken and jumps in to help.

“At this point, I’m like Kate don’t even talk to me,” Rocky threatens, and isn’t happy when Eddie doesn’t back her up. He’s not her boyfriend, but she expects him to act like he is. Her dinner creations leave something to be desired.

“Let’s just hope they’re too drunk to tell there’s grenadine on the oysters,” Amy says, cringing.

Shocker, the guests don’t like the oysters. And somebody got sick, although I’m unclear as to whether the oysters were consumed by him. Didn’t seem like he wanted them.

“The primary had to go puke,” Connie tells Kate.

“Sorry Rocky, I’m taking charge now,” Eddie says. And he takes over the stove.

“Communication would have been key here,” Rocky uses a totally inappropriate tone for her boss. Then she tells Kate not to talk to her.

Eddie decides he won’t be banging the crazy stew anymore.

Fortunately, the guests like the food. Or they’re too hammered to know the difference.

The cake arrives, and it looks like a total disaster. They’re at the dock so there’s no excuse for it arriving all smashed up. They try to fix it but, it still looks a hot mess. The birthday boy thinks it’s marvelous, but he’s super easy to please. When they depart later that night, he puts a fat envelope in the captain’s hand.

“Let’s wrap it up. Everybody turn in. We’ll do the tip meeting in the morning,” Lee tells them. Some looks disappointment, but they’re basically all fried.

During clean up, Kate compliments Rocky’s cooking and Rocky turns around and gets nasty.

“She’s just like a ticking time bomb, that I have to compliment,” Kate says. “Ain’t nobody got time for rocky and her 17 personalities.”

“I don’t know what to say to Rocky because I think she owes us an apology…” but Amy doesn’t think Rocky realizes she owes everybody an apology.

“I don’t care if she apologizes. I just want off the crazy ride so Amy and I can do some real work,” Kate says. She’s been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. She’s had enough of Rocky for this charter season.

Eddie’s beating himself up for sleeping with her.

“I’m already embarrassed about what I did… it’s morally and ethically wrong… I just want to distance myself from her as much as possible,” Eddie says. And then he starts texting his girlfriend back home, again.

The next day, Rocky gets her full share of the monster-sized tip. Not really fair given her behavior, but at least they all get a piece of what would have been Leon’s tip.

“We’re getting a new chef,” Lee announces, and Rocky doesn’t look happy.

Chef Ben boards the boat, and Eddie is very happy to see him. So is Kate. Apparently, they’ve been bonking. But they’re just friends now.

“It took you long enough,” Kate says when she sees him.

“I’ve heard quite a bit about Ben from Kate,” Connie says. “He’s really good in bed.”

“Have you come to save us?” Amy asks, and she’s serious. “Ben brings a whole different vibe and energy to the boat.”

Rocky pretends she doesn’t know who Ben is. Cuz she never watched the show before she auditioned for it. Right.

The episode ends with Ben and Kate flirting, and teasers of Real Housewives as charter guests on the Eros next week. Should be very interesting.

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