San Andreas – Disaster Flick Doesn’t Feel Like One

For a disaster drama with a seemingly endless bank account to draw on for its gargantuan effects, San Andreas is surprisingly torpid and unemotional. A couple of dicey moments an action adventure film do not make; sure it’s fun to watch city buildings implode, but when they simply refuse to stop imploding and carry on


Strange Magic DVD Review

Shakespeare’s plays have been interpreted in many different ways. The newest one, beautifully animated, is George Lucas’ Strange Magic. It is based on Midsummer Night’s Dream but uses modern music to enhance the story. The story begins explaining the separation of two kingdoms. There is the Fairy Kingdom, light and sunny, and the Dark Kingdom,

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minne’s Pet Salon DVD Review

Introducing a version of Mickey’s Clubhouse, Minnie’s Pet Salon, a full length adventure that takes toddlers in the clubhouse and Minnie’s pet salon. The DVD also includes additional episodes: Daisy’s Pet Project, Pluto’s Puppy-Sitting Adventures, Donald’s Ducks, and Pluto Lends a Paw. All of these will keep your toddler/preschool interested and involved in learning as

Fourth Man Out – Coming Out Comedy Hits Festival Circuit

Andrew Nackman’s poignant comedy drama Fourth Man Out takes a fresh look at coming out and the frustratingly sad, sometimes agonising dilemma faced by a gay small town car mechanic who just can’t bring himself to do it. Evan Todd stars as Adam who finally decides the time has come when his buddies inform him


Recap: WEtv ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Season 3 premiere

Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll are back on WEtv with Season 3 of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” and if the premier episode was any indication, this season is going to be sooo much better than the first two. It’s a strange combo of cast this season, with some seriously big reality names and some

Slow West (review)

The men and women of the American western frontier make their plans but fate decides their disposition in this stylish western noir. John Maclean’s directorial debut is a slow and steady look at love turned deadly. Of course there is a lot that turns deadly in this gritty New Zealand western. By the end of

Aloha (review)

Safe and sane hip dialogue, beautiful people and a cast to die for drive this rom-com one step ahead of the crowd. Cameron Crowe’s first feature in four years kicks off the spring movie season in style. Bradley Cooper, playing ne’er-do-well Brian Gilcrest, combines his “American Sniper” elite military role with his government dark ops

San Andreas (review)

The lack of acting and screenplay is hardly a bump in the road for this hyperventilating 3D quake-a-palooza. When the big one hits, where will you be? Wherever you are, you had better hope Los Angeles emergency rescue chopper pilot Ray (Duane Johnson) is close by. He will tip his helicopter into a chasm the

Netflix Has a Serious Case of the 90’s

Oh Netflix you naughty seductress. Of course we’ll watch a marathon of nineties films, bring it and we will watch. The nineties was a time of radical fashion, radically orchestral movie themes and hip hop culture that blew our minds. That’s when films were made with actual people and film. Pop culture seemed somehow better


I’ll See You in My Dreams – Blythe Danner Nails It

A courageous exploration of a woman’s late life awakening, I’ll See You in My Dreams takes us to places rarely visited in conventional romantic comedies – or dramas. Indeed, it treats a mildly shocking premise seriously and breaks down social barriers one after the other to unexpected conclusions. Carol’s a strong willed, idiosyncratic 70-something who