Katherine Waterston Breaks Through in Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice takes us through the drug fueled labyrinth that is seventies ‘70s, a la Thomas Pynchon. Paul Thomas Anderson interprets that world’s chiaroscuro uncertainty as muddled, hazy and oblique, which describes the action from time to time. But it’s the unique characters that make it work. Joaquin Phoenix is a barely coherent private eye


OP-ED: A Cop’s Wife On The Murder of NYPD Officers

I have been reluctant to speak up. The whole Ferguson nightmare, and Eric Garner disaster in its wake, have caused our country to become so divided that I am afraid to say what I’m thinking anymore. Don’t misunderstand, I haven’t been silent. I am a cop wife and I’ve succumbed to the urge to share

Timothy Spall on Mr. Turner – Fascinating Men

J.M.W. Turner (1775 – 11851), the English romantic landscape artist was a genius and an imperfect soul. His glorious paintings, watercolours that suggested the later Impressionist movement mostly captured sea and landscapes in moments of upheaval and brilliant colours. They indicate his wonder and awe at the natural world, and they also reveal a man

Foxcatcher Review

An oft told story is given stirring insight through first rate performances and production Bennett Miller’s pot-boiling drama, “ripped from the headlines,” is a powerful and poignant essay of human frailty. There will be few viewers who, after seeing his remarkable portrayal of a doomed scion of the du Pont fortune, will not acknowledge Steve

Blake Robbin’s The Sublime and the Beautiful on VOD and iTunes

Blake Robbins’s haunting psychological drama The Sublime and Beautiful takes us to a dark place that reminds us that we are not the perfect human beings we imagine we are. Robbins wrote and directed the film and plays David Conrad, a small town college professor with a wife and three little girls. He’s not entirely

British TV Gift Sets!!!

Christmas shopping in ones pyjamas is a glorious unexpected benefit of the computer age.  I am in sweats and a puffy jacket writing this and pondering great new shows to watch just by clicking. It’s a beautiful thing that I can buy or stream my beloved English TV mysteries and series right here in at home. 


Recap: Vanderpump Rules, The Bunch of Friggin Sheep Edition!

Just gonna ask this – how did the biggest bitch (Stassi) and the biggest moron (Jax) end up being the ringleaders of a group of nitwits like those fools at Sur? Baaahhhh! Bunch of friggin sheep! Stassi and Jax are like #MeanGirls who couldn’t get along and started their own cliques. I think I’m glad


Recap: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Catching Up Edition

Better late than never, right? I’m sorry folks – I had two weddings last week and this is the first chance I had to watch “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” much less blog about it. Although, truth be told, I didn’t miss much. I predicted last week’s cliffhanger correctly – Yoyo’s youngest daughter Bella got

Exodus: Gods and Kings Review

Walk on the bland side in a comic book of biblical proportions The good thing about Ridley Scott’s latest special effects lollapalooza is going into it you know exactly what to expect. The story, rough as it is, is taken from the Bible so there are no spoilers to be had. From the opening battle