Zoey Lyonne on Jessica Jones: What happened to her?

Zoey Lyonne death explained Jessica Jones
Zoey Lyonne death explained: How did Kith Lyonne’s daughter die in Jessica Jones Season 3? Pic credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

As Marvel closes its partnership with Netflix, the studio pushed forth a final blessing as Season 3 of Jessica Jones delivers once again.

All the familiar players are back including Carrie-Anne Moss as the ruthless attorney Jeri Hogarth and this time she’s homewrecking other people’s lives like never before. This time with an old lost love named Kith Lyonne (played by the stunning Sarita Choudhury).

In the show, Jeri’s symptoms from ALS (Lou Gehrig”s Disease) are spiraling further and it makes her reevaluate life choices as well as pushing her to make worse ones. Once she reunites with Kith and their love for each other reignites, Jeri dispatches a plan to sabotage her marriage with her current husband, Peter Lyonne.

Jeri finds out  Peter has been taking money from a scholarship set up in the memory of Zoey Lyonne and is using it to pay off mistresses. The show is not abundantly clear on how Zoey passed away. Well, here is the answer to that question.

What happened to Zoey Lyonne in Jessica Jones Season 3?

The answer is easily overlooked if one is not paying attention. But the scene that explains the death of Kith Lyonne’s daughter Zoey occurs in episode 3 titled “I Have No Spleen.”

The sequence involves Jeri and Kith catching up and they both are reminiscing about their troubled history. Specifically how Jeri cheated on Kith, which led Kith to the arms of Peter for 23 years.

While conversing, Jeri brings up her remorse for the loss of her daughter Zoey, saying she was sorry to hear about her death. Kith responds while sipping wine, “Cancer. Bullsh*t.”

However, the show never dives into what type of cancer Zoey Lyonne had or how long she fought it. That said, the fact Jeri is also dying places an interesting dynamic in their relationship for the latter half of the season.

Jessica Jones Season 3 really gives Carrie-Anne Moss a lot to chew on as Jeri this time and makes her feel more tragic than ever. As the show comes to an end, it’s sad that viewers will not get to see the deeply flawed lawyer on Netflix anymore. Here is hoping the show gets picked back up on Hulu for a fourth season.

Jessica Jones Season 3 is streaming on Netflix now.

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