Ziva on NCIS: Cote de Pablo coming back for Season 17 premiere

Ziva On NCIS Again
Ziva and McGee on an episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Ziva is coming back to NCIS this evening. For the Season 17 premiere of the show, Ziva David is again a member of the NCIS cast. Actress Cote de Pablo is back on the show. But for just how long?

NCIS returns on Tuesday, September 24 for a brand new episode that picks up where the Season 16 finale left off. At that point, Gibbs was seeing people from his past, including a dead ex-wife, who was giving him advice.

In the final moments of Season 16, Gibbs also saw Ziva, who suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs to his basement. It seemed like she was there to help him, but was she real or just Gibbs’ mind playing tricks on him?

NCIS Season 17 cast

Cote de Pablo is currently listed as an NCIS cast member for the first two episodes of Season 17. She shows up in the credits for the September 24 episode called “Out of the Darkness” and for the October 1 episode called “Into the Light.”

After that, Ziva David is not listed in Season 17, Episode 3, which is called “Going Mobile” and will air on October 8. This seems to indicate that her storyline is going to get wrapped up rather quickly, or that she is not really rejoining the team as some of the television advertisements might lead viewers to believe.

Having Ziva coming back on NCIS is a treat, even if it only lasts for two episodes. Cote de Pablo still remains a fan favorite on the show, with some fans hoping that there will eventually be a reunion with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) as well.

So is Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) just imagining things? Or has Ziva really returned to help save his life? Tune in to the first two episodes of NCIS Season 17 to find out.

Season 17 NCIS cast

Additional players returning to the show include Sean Murray as McGee, Emily Wickersham as Bishop, Wilmer as Torres, and Maria Bello as Sloane. Rocky Carroll is also back as Vance, Diona Reasonover returns as Kasie, and Brian Dietzen is back as Jimmy Palmer

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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