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Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures Crew’s incredible spirit connection at The Viper Room

Zak Bagans at the spot where River Phoenix died outside The Viper Room
Zak Bagans at the spot outside The Viper Room where actor River Phoenix died in 1993

Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures Crew experience one of the most powerful moments in the show’s history on this week’s episode — when they connect with the spirit of a dead celebrity at famous LA nightclub The Viper Room.

The team also have a witness — a woman who has worked at the venue for years — VERIFY that the person who they communicate with is who they think it is.

The investigation is the first time a paranormal team have ever been allowed to investigate the long-running venue on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, which used to be owned by Johnny Depp.

It is famous for being the scene where River Phoenix — the actor brother of Walk the Line star Joaquin Phoenix — died of a drug overdose on Halloween 1993 at the age of 23.

The club was also embroiled in mystery when Depp’s co-owner Anthony Fox vanished without a trace in 2001, with what happened to him still unknown to this day.

Bagans and the Ghost Adventures Crew said filming the episode saw them experience one of the “greatest moments” in their history of making the Travel Channel show.

He revealed after filming, in the clip below: “We just documented something that was one of the most powerful things, one of the most powerful moments in Ghost Adventures history, of communicating with a spirit — of communicating with a celebrity. And we had a witness there to verify the voice.

“Not only did we capture this evidence but we captured the moment of what we felt with a guest — a woman who has worked at The Viper Room for a very long time. This moment was extremely emotional for her, and all of us.”

Ghost Adventures airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Travel Channel. 

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