X-Men’s Madripoor to play into future of Marvel’s Captain America movie

X-Men's Madripoor to play into future of Marvel's Captain America movie
Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Zemo (Daniel Brühl) and Falcon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. Pic credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel

Spoilers follow for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 1 finale.

After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finished its first season, Sharon Carter received her pardon from the United States government.

It turned out that Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, followed through with his promise to ensure she received a pardon and could come back home.

Not only did she come back home, but she was offered a job back working for hte U.S. Government, operating in whatever organization had replaced S.H.I.E.L.D.

This was bad news for Captain America and the U.S. government because Sharon Carter is the Power Broker, and she planned to utilize U.S. secrets, classified information, and weapons for her own purpose.

As she left after her pardon, she called someone and told them the good news, and it is likely her contacts in Madripoor.

What is Madripoor in Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

Madripoor is an island nation that offers no extradition for criminals to any country where they are wanted.

This means that the worst villains in the world can come to this island and live in peace, without any chance of arrest, and any heroes or military that shows up is violating the country’s U.N. sanctioned peace.

It was originally a haven for pirates in the 1800s and never changed its ways.

This is where the Power Broker was set up.

Madripoor is also a country that has the High Town, which is where some of the wealthiest people in the world live, and the Low Town, which has people who can barely afford to eat or survive and is where the powerful criminal underworld operates — all under the control of the Power Broker.

It was in Madripoor that the Power Broker, Sharon Carter, met Karli before the young rebel stole the super-soldier serum and used it on her and her fellow rebel fighters.

It is where Sharon still has a strong rule and will use her power in the U.S. government to ensure she holds that power.

The X-Men and Madripoor

Madripoor showed up in Captain America comics recently, as it was where Aleksandar Lukin (the new Red Skull) had his safe haven with his wife Alexa. They run the show from there and have built an operation with branches all over the world.

Sharon Carter seems to be the Lukin’s of the MCU.

However, before this, Madripoor was almost exclusively the property of the X-Men world of comics.

It is one of Wolverine’s favorite places to hang out, where he lived with the alias of Patch. Mystique (a villain in the comics) set up shop there when she dealt a drug that gave people mutant-type powers.

More recently, the X-Men live in Krakoa, a sentient island, in peace away from the rest of the world. However, one team of X-Men led by Kitty Pryde known as The Marauders, work aboard a pirate ship and one of their main goals is to protect the people of Low Town.

With Madripoor such an important part of X-Men lore, one wonders if it will end up playing a role in the introduction of the mutants to the MCU.

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