Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty had a haircut and his family didn’t recognize him

Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson
Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson. Pic credit: ©

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson surprised his family with a post-quarantine haircut. The new style changed his appearance so much that, at first, even his wife Korie and his daughter Bella did not recognize him.

Given states across the U.S. are gradually reopening for economic activities following the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, many hair salons and barbershops in Robertson’s home state of Louisiana have also started to conduct business.

The 48-year-old reality TV star decided to use the opportunity to change his hairstyle by having his trademark shoulder-length locks lopped off. He did so after spending weeks in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Duck Dynasty star got a buzz cut

A video Willie posted to Duck Commander, his YouTube channel, shows him getting a haircut at a salon.

“Everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too. #17years.”

He asked his barber to cut his long hair, changing the style to a buzz cut. The stylist took down the hair on the sides and the lower back so the remains were close to the skin. His beard was left intact.

Willie tested his haircut on wife Korie

Robertson decided to change his hairstyle so he could see how members of his family would react. He wondered if they would immediately recognize him if he casually walked past them.

So, after his haircut, Willie went to a fast-food restaurant his wife Korie was visiting. He walked past his spouse multiple times but she did not seem to notice him.

Then, when Korie left the restaurant, Willie followed her. When she was about to get into her car, he approached her and she finally recognized him.

Korie was surprised to see the dramatic change in her husband’s appearance simply due to the change in his hairstyle.

Willie also tested his haircut on daughter Bella

The Duck Dynasty star also tried out his new hairstyle on his 17-year-old daughter Bella Robertson.

Willie walked past the teenager. At first, she did not recognize her dad. Then, when she looked in his face a second time, she did realize who he was. However, she was so shocked that she dropped down to the ground.

He also surprised his other kids, Sadie and her husband Christian, and Willie Jr.

Korie shared a selfie alongside Willie on Instagram

Korie later took to Instagram to share a picture of herself and the freshly shorn Willie with her 1.9 million followers.

“SURPRISE!! @realwilliebosshog shocked us all with a major after-quarantine haircut, ha! We haven’t seen his neck in 15 years. I love this man! He’s cute and he always keeps life interesting.”

Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson
Pic credit: @bosshogswife/Instagram

Fans were amazed to witness the dramatic transformation of Willie’s appearance as a result of his new after-quarantine haircut. Many responded with comments expressing their amazement.

“So much younger,” one fan commented.

“This made me smile and laugh SO MUCH!! Thanks for sharing. TOO GOOD,” another wrote.

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