Will there be a Season 2 of Emergence, or will it get canceled? Here’s our best guess

Alexa Swinton as Piper on Emergence.
Piper sacrificed her life and Jo resurrected her. Pic credit: ABC

Emergence was given a lot of hype before debuting on ABC last fall. The thriller starring Donald Faison and Allison Tolman got off to a great start, but as the story went on, the ratings didn’t hold up to expectations.

Finding out Piper (Alex Swinton) wasn’t a real girl was interesting. Learning that Benny (Owain Yeoman) was also a robot was a bigger shock. With all of the twists and turns, the lack of talk about Emergence was shocking to viewers.

What happened during the season finale of Emergence?

During the Season 1 finale of Emergence, there were a lot of things that went on. Benny ended up dead after actually trying to help Jo (Allison Tolman) and Agent Brooks (Enver Gjokaj). That turned into a chain of events that set “the source” into motion.

Piper went up against Helen (Rowena King) with the help of Jo, defeating her. Deciding to destroy the power source on her own, the little girl did it without telling everyone. Jo watched as Piper saved everyone within miles, but disappeared.

With his quick wit, Alex (Donald Faison) suggested Jo use Piper’s chip and place it on Helen. The move worked and Piper was restored.

Will there be a Season 2 of Emergence?

As of now, the return of Emergence for Season 2 is looking grim. The show didn’t hold onto ratings even though it was in a prime Tuesday night timeslot. There were high hopes for the show in the beginning, but viewers just didn’t stick around.

If the ratings weren’t a factor, there is more story that could be told. Who are the people investigating? They aren’t the FBI, and yet, they show up everywhere. The Helen look-alike was there with the man who got Agent Brooks released as they attempted to “wake” Piper, who took over Helen’s spot.

Although at least one more season of Emergence could wrap the story up and not leave loyal viewers hanging, it is unlikely. The show has been on all of the “likely canceled” lists, but no official announcement from ABC has happened.

No news is often bad news when it comes to ABC shows. Emergence has potential, but it is unlikely that it will get the greenlight. Unfortunately, the network isn’t good about letting viewers know about the shows that will be canceled.

Currently, there has not been an official announcement for Emergence and the fate of the ABC show’s second season. If the network does take a chance on this show, it will be shocking.

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Deborah Olsen
Deborah Olsen
3 years ago

Please don’t leave us hanging with Emergence! Fans deserve a conclusion. Hopefully, a happy ending with Piper staying with Jo.

Dorothy Ramsey
Dorothy Ramsey
3 years ago

just dont cancel the show i love the show and continue to watch the first season over and over