Will Kim Burgess figure out Intelligence’s secret on Chicago P.D.?

Burgess Chicago PD Season 10
Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBCUniversal/Lori Allen

Officer Kim Burgess from Chicago P.D. appears to be going through some PTSD on the show, and she doesn’t seem really keen on getting help from Adam Ruzek.

A number of recent cases have caused Burgess to think back to the ordeal that she went through at the end of Season 8, when she was abducted, shot, and then left for dead.

The suspect, Roy, wasn’t on the loose for very long, as Hank Voight and Hailey Upton took care of it before anyone even knew that they had him in custody.

As a quick reminder, since it happened a while ago now, Roy got Voight’s gun and Hailey ended up shooting Roy. Voight then got rid of the body, covering up Roy’s death from the rest of the world.

In Chicago P.D. Season 9, Detective Jay Halstead figured out everything, but so did an FBI agent who was out to make a name for himself. It led to some very dramatic episodes of the show.

When Voight and Halstead got leverage on the FBI agent, he basically closed the case on the situation, covering up any evidence that might have still existed.

Will Burgess ever figure out Intelligence’s secret?

So far, no episode has shown that Burgess is aware of what happened to Roy. This means that the character may still be worried that he is out there and that he could return to harm her or her adopted daughter, Makayla.

Within the context of the show, the writers could create a situation where someone has already told her about the Intelligence cover-up, but as it stands, she still appears to have no idea that her co-workers already took care of Roy.

What happens if she finds out? That could certainly lead to some interesting drama on the show, but this might just be a secret that the parties involved now take to their graves. And if the secret does come out, would Burgess turn in her co-workers or continue the cover-up?

If she never gains closure from the case, it also seems like something that could hang over Burgess for years to come.

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Recently, the actress who plays Hailey Upton shared a set photo from back when she first joined the show. It also featured Jesse Lee Soffer, who played Detective Jay Halstead for years.

And speaking of the man who played Halstead, Soffer is returning to Chicago P.D. in a new role that should be interesting for the drama.

Regarding the 2023 return date for Chicago P.D., it arrives on Wednesday, January 4, when all three shows have to address cliffhangers.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.