Will Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos renew their vows in Las Vegas?

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the Academy Awards
The question is will Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tie the know again in Las Vegas? Pic credit: ©

February is a month full of romance, even on the set of Live with Kelly and Mark.

Kelly Ripa has been teasing the show’s return to Las Vegas later in the month, and she mentions that she and Mark Consuelos were married in Vegas each time.

The Chapel of the Bells is where Kelly and Mark got married in 1996, almost three decades ago, and Kelly is eager to return.

Some social media interactions suggest that Kelly and Mark may renew their vows during the February 26-27 time frame. Live with Kelly and Mark will be in Las Vegas.

Live with Kelly and Mark have shared some posts on Instagram directing fans to get tickets for the shows.

One post on Instagram interacts with the official Vegas account and the show, making one wonder if a vow renewal will occur between Kelly and Mark.

Kelly announces the show will go back to the Chapel of the Bells

In the video from the show, Kelly says, “Speaking of love, Mark and I are headed back to the Chapel of the Bells.”

No one has announced that they will be renewing their vows officially, but a post by @vegas to @livekellyandmark on Instagram begs the question.

@vegas says, “Hearing wedding bells all over again.” Then the @livekellyandmark responds with hearts and a face emoji that could mean, “I’m so happy I could cry.” or that they are so full of emotion, there are just no words.

Las Vegas' Instagram account and Live with Kelly and Mark's account have an encounter on Instagram.
Las Vegas is responding to Live with Kelly and Mark’s post on Instagram. Pic credit: @livewithkellyandmark/Instagram

Either way, seeing Kelly and Mark return to their wedding chapel would be excellent for show fans.

Mark and Kelly could get almost a whole episode out of the wedding and reception, especially with the guests on the show during that time.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Lionel Ritchie, Lil Jon, and Howie Mandell are all going to be guests. Imagine Kelly and Mark having Lionel Ritchie sing at a vow renewal.

Mark gave Kelly the most beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day

The long-married couple may not do much for Valentine’s Day, but Mark got Kelly a beautiful bouquet and shared them on his Instagram reels.

Kelly made sure to thank him for them in a lovely post that he shared in the reel.

Mark Consuelos shared some Valentine's Day flowers for Kelly Ripa on Instagram.
Kelly Ripa thanked Mark Consuelos for some flowers on Instagram. Pic credit: @instasuelos/Instagram

This is coming after a quick trip to Iceland because they wanted to see the Northern Lights. The trip was not for Valentine’s Day but had been postponed from the holiday because of the weather.

Anyone can tell that this couple surely loves each other even after so many years.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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