Kelly Ripa put Ryan Seacrest in his place during his return to LIVE with Kelly and Mark

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest at separate events
Kelly Ripa had to remind Ryan Seacrest who was in charge on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa teased Ryan Seacrest’s return to LIVE with Kelly and Mark at the end of last week.

This would be the first time he visited the show since last May. Since quitting LIVE with Kelly and Ryan in April 2023, he has been busy with his projects.

The show has a new energy, with Kelly and Mark sharing much of their married lives. There is less competition between the pros since Mark is newer to hosting than Ryan.

Kelly seemed to have moved on from her time with Ryan based on her actions toward him when he visited as a guest.

During his visit to the show, Kelly warned the audience not to scare him since he was “very skittish,” and things went downhill from there.

Ryan irritated Kelly as she was filling in the audience with the upcoming guests and other information, and Kelly did not like to be put out on her show.

Kelly made it clear to Ryan that she runs the show

Ryan made his first mistake by trying to hurry Kelly up from offstage as if he was producing the show. He made the hurry-up sign, wanting her to go ahead and introduce him already.

“No honey, we aren’t hurrying it up,” she told Ryan. Then she put him in his place and said, “Go backstage, and I’ll tell you when you can come out.”

It happened only when she was good and ready to introduce Ryan and let him come out. On her time, not Ryan’s.

Ryan strode out onto the stage and immediately tried to run the interview. He sat and looked around, saying, “You changed the signs…”

Kelly quickly cut him off and said, “We aren’t going to do this where you take over the interview.”

He still tried and said, “I have some questions for you.” Kelly is such a pro that she let it go and continued the interview.

Kelly and Mark reveal who will be on their Las Vegas shows

Kelly and Mark announced they would travel to Las Vegas at the end of February to do some shows. It promises to be an exciting time with several famous guests, and fans are excited.

The couple shared that Lionel Ritchie, Howie Mandell, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Lil Jon, among others, would be on the show in Vegas.

A clip of the segment was posted on Live with Kelly and Mark’s YouTube channel.

With that guest list, the shows in Las Vegas will be on fire!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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