Wild West showdown for Tonya and Terra on Little Women: LA

Tonya argues with Terra and Jasmine at the Western-themed bash on tonight's Little Women: LA
Tonya argues with Terra and Jasmine at the Western-themed bash on tonight’s Little Women: LA

On tonight’s Little Women: LA, it’s the ultimate Wild West showdown as Tonya and Terra clash yet again — this time at a cowboy-themed party.

Things have been super-heated between the pair ever since Terra slated Tonya’s new Lil Boss Body Active Wear line and they totally fell out in last week’s episode.

Now Tonya is in the line of fire again as she hosts the Western-style party for Texas native Kerwin. Cue calls of “Ride it like you ride Kerwin!” as she tries out a bucking bronco ride.

Terra is initially peeved beyond belief after not getting invited, and she gets close to crossing the line when she meets with Tonya’s daughter behind her back.

But things come to a head when Terra eventually does go to the party and confronts Tonya along with Jasmine in a bid to repair their relationship.

In separate footage Terra asks Jasmine: “Would you buy that product, if you saw it in the store?”

Jasmine says that it’s not really too her taste, to which Terra yells: “It’s nobody’s taste!”

When she confronts Tonya, Terra says: “I’m telling you my honest opinion. You want me to lie to you like everybody else is?”

Tonya says: “It’s my business not your business, Terra.”

But then Jasmine admits: “Honestly, I don’t see a future for this line either.”

Also on tonight’s Little Women: LA, Briana gets in some legal bother and is adamant that Christy’s the one who got her in it.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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