Why is Kate still putting up with Luke on Married at First Sight? Should she just get a divorce?

Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo on Married at First Sight
Should Kate keep fighting for her marriage to Luke? Pic credit: Lifetime

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Luke and Kate sat down with Dr. Pepper Schwartz to deal with a serious issue after Luke complained that Kate has a drinking problem.

Luke told the relationship experts that he is uncomfortable with the amount Kate drinks and he’s worried that she’s using alcohol as a means to cope with their current arrangement.

When Dr. Pepper brings Kate in the room and starts talking to both of them about the drinking issue, Kate is shocked. Not only does she feel like she doesn’t have a problem but she just can’t understand why Luke would talk to other people about his concerns but not her.

Kate even asked Luke what he was talking about, challenging her husband to give examples of when she has had too much but he couldn’t come up with anything.


At this point, we really have to wonder if there was ever really a concern or is this just another example of Luke trying to tank his marriage.

Later in the episode, Luke and Kate are at dinner when he finally opens up, explaining why he is so sensitive about her alcohol consumption. He tells Kate that when he was a freshman in college, his best friend died after getting hit by a drunk driver.

That’s really tragic and for a second there, Luke even got a bit of sympathy from Kate and from viewers. But then we had to bring it back into perspective.

Luke threw his wife under the bus for something that he even admitted was not a problem and then blamed it on the death of his friend years ago.

From what we’ve seen on Season 8 of Married at First Sight, Kate has never been falling down drunk nor has she tried to drive after having drinks. So why does her wine consumption bother him so much? Especially after she pointed out that he was buying her wine!

Luke drinks alcohol too and while he admitted that he didn’t start drinking until he was 25 years old due to the trauma and the circumstances surrounding the loss of his friend, he clearly isn’t against alcohol.

In Luke’s defense, he did communicate that when Kate has a few drinks in her, she can get aggressive with him about kissing and it turns him off but nearly a month into their marriage, kissing shouldn’t even be an issue anymore.

It just seems like another issue that Luke has but that Kate really shouldn’t have to deal with. After all, their marriage totally started out uncomfortable for her when Luke wouldn’t kiss her at their wedding reception and continued spiraling from there.

Even Pastor Cal has questioned whether Luke and Kate should even continue on the show after their honeymoon kiss where Luke said he felt “repulsed” and “dead inside.”


From day one, Kate has spent her energy trying to make Luke happy and he has spent his trying not to show her any affection. From this view, Luke and Kate’s entire marriage looks like one big MAFS fail.

Despite all of that, Kate insists that she wants to be married and she is committed to making this work even though she’s walking on eggshells trying not to upset Luke.

Luke, on the other hand, is throwing out just enough crumbs to keep Kate around. He insists that he does really care for her and that he hopes his attraction to her will grow but will it?

When Kate sat down with her friends to talk about the marriage, both of them disapproved of what was going on. Neither friend could believe that Luke not only thought she had a drinking problem but that he told the relationship experts and not her.

Then the subject of attraction came up and Kate admitted Luke has told her numerous times that he’s not attracted to her. Again, her friends expressed their concern.

Kate is a beautiful woman and it’s unfortunate that she was paired up with someone who is taking so long to see that and who, honestly, may never see it.

With just weeks left until decision day, many would have already decided to pull the plug on the train wreck that is Luke and Kate’s marriage. So why is Kate still sticking around? She keeps saying that she really wants this but does she?

It seems with Luke’s communication issues, dealing with him without the help of the relationship experts would be even harder to deal with. Does this MAFS couple stand a chance at all or should they just call it quits and move on?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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