Why did they kill Captain Anderson on The Rookie? Is Mercedes Mason leaving the show?

Mercedes Mason as Captain Anderson on The Rookie
Fans say goodbye to Captain Anderson on The Rookie. Pic credit: ABC

The Rookie on ABC follows the jobs and lives of LAPD officers in a gritty and realistic way. In law enforcement, losing a fellow officer is a tragic and painful experience but it’s real-life and on The Rookie, they share those same painful losses as we saw last night when Captain Anderson, played by Mercedes Mason, lost her life.

On the latest episode of The Rookie titled Greenlight, we said goodbye to Captain Anderson. It was tragic and many fans of this new series will be asking why she was killed and whether Mercedes Mason is leaving the show.

How did Captain Anderson die on The Rookie?

Captain Anderson decided to ride with Nolan (Nathan Fillion) for the shift, supporting his unorthodox way of running his route. Coincidentally, the day she decided to tag along with Nolan was also the day that a hit was put out on him.

Even though the hit was called off, it didn’t happen in time, causing the two officers to be ambushed while they worked.

Initially, it looked like the two might be able to escape the ambush and get away unharmed, but as we now know that was not the case. Instead, after Captain Anderson was able to escape from the submerged chair that she was bound to and even kill many of those who ambushed them, she was shot in the neck and died.

Will Mercedes Mason be back on The Rookie?

Captain Anderson’s death was dramatic and tragic, causing a bit of upset for The Rookie viewers. Sadly, it also means the end for Mercedes Mason on the ABC series.

After Captain Anderson’s death scene on the show, the official Twitter account for The Rookie even posted about it, saying goodbye to Captain Anderson and Mercedes Mason, who played her.

Clearly, Mercedes Mason and her character on the show will be missed by those who have tuned in during the premiere season of the ABC series.

The Rookie airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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