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Why did Brett leave Chicago Fire and is she coming back?

Brett On Chicago Fire
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

Sylvie Brett got engaged during the Season 7 finale of Chicago Fire. Kyle Sheffield, who was the department chaplain on the show, decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

It had seemed like Brett (Kara Killmer) was going to end up with Casey (Jesse Spencer), but the writing hasn’t allowed them to get on the same page yet. Instead, Brett and Kyle moved away so he could take a new job.

With Brett and Casey missing an opportunity to get together and Brett moving away with Kyle, it led to a lot of viewers wondering is she is coming back and trying to remember why Brett left Chicago Fire.

More backstory of Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire

During the first two episodes of Season 8, a lot more of Brett’s past has been explored. That includes coming across someone she knew in high school and hanging out more often near where she grew up.

It was immediately apparent that Brett missed Station 51 and that she was having a difficult time adjusting to life in a small town. When she went to the local fire station to apply for a job, it was noted that things are really slow there with only the rare call to go out on. That’s a big change from the daily grind Brett experienced in Chicago.

The video below is from one of the final scenes during Season 8, Episode 2, which will undoubtedly impact the future of the Brett and Kyle relationship.

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Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) and Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) decided at the end of the episode that they were going to go get “their girl back.” Foster believed that Brett didn’t want to be away from Station 51, and she was right. At least the writers showed that Kyle understood and just wanted Brett to be happy.

In answer to the question of whether Sylvie Brett is coming back to Chicago Fire, she should be back as one of the primary medics when Season 8, Episode 3 airs on October 9. Could there be hope for Brett and Casey, after all?

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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