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Why did they kill off Al on Chicago P.D.? The real reason for Alvin Olinsky’s death

Why did Al leave Chicago P.D.? The real reason Al was killed off the series
Chicago P.D. viewers want to know why Al was killed off on the show. Pic credit: Matt Dinerstein/NBC

In the season 5 finale of Chicago P.D., Alvin Olinsky died. However, many fans of the character stopped to ask: why did Al leave Chicago P.D.?

First off, here is a look at the storyline reasoning for his departure from the show.

Al was an undercover police officer for the Chicago PD who was partners with Ruzek and later Kim Burgess. In season 5, Al ended up caught in the middle of the battle between Sergeant Hank Voight and Lieutenant Denny Woods.

As a result, Al ended up stabbed in a prison after Woods had him arrested. He then died at the start of the Chicago PD season 5 finale as a result of Voight’s actions.

According to Chicago P.D. showrunner Rick Eid, killing Ed was a necessity to show how Voight’s decision making can have deadly consequences. Since Voight and Olinsky were so close, it made sense for him to be the one to fall.

It also allowed Voight to get some revenge as he had Woods arrested by the end of the episode for bribing Internal Affairs.

Interestingly, Eid also said that this was not something that actor Elias Koteas wanted. He was the second original cast member to leave the show in the past two seasons, following Sophia Bush.

Bush, who played Erin Lindsay, chose to leave. However, Koteas was not ready to go and had what was referred to as a “challenging” reaction to leaving the series after five seasons.

So, to answer the question of why did Al leave Chicago P.D., the answer is for story reasons and it had nothing to do with actor Elias Koteas, who was ready to stay on for more.

Chicago P.D. airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC. 

Shawn S. Lealos has been a freelance writer for 25 years, starting with magazines and newspapers before moving to the internet. He has been published in Inside Sports Magazine, The Daily Oklahoman, and Oklahoma Gazette and websites such as,, Sporting News, CBR, ScreenRant,

12 thoughts on “Why did they kill off Al on Chicago P.D.? The real reason for Alvin Olinsky’s death”

  1. I would love to see olinsky written back in now that the problems with voit are over. I think it would make the show great again, don’t me wrong the show is awesome I just think voit needs his best friend back so writers you need to sit down and come up with away to write Alvin olinsky back in…my opinion… Thanks

  2. During this rough time…thank goodness for Chicago PD FIRE MED as a senior citizen all alone these shows are a God Sent…..Praying that this virus will be over with soon and a cure will be discovered one can only wait patiently…..Again thank you for all the great work…..stay safe and healthy……….

  3. What happened to the writers. This season has been the worst. Apparently they forgot what made them successful. Hank ‘s role has been reduced. The actions he took with others was what made the show so successful. Now he’s just another character. Having “Dawson” and “Al” leave was a poor decision. Both were characters one could respect and identify with. The replacements are not likable.

  4. I liked ‘Al’, good actor, good role. They got rid of him, and the girl that played Voit’s adapted daughter. BUT they kept the girl called ‘burgess, and the lame guy, ‘Adam’. The one playing Burgess ‘literally SUCKS. She’s a 110 lb girl that they make up as a person who can take down 200 lb guys. PFFFFT! She couldn’t break out of a paper bag, and is a terrible actress. Adam, he’s got a thing for too much haid, and one ugly hair dew!! Plya he sucks at acting as well. Who are the producers of this show that put these losers on a great, otherwise show!??

  5. i wish that ERIN was back in the show,she made the show,and for BURGESS i think she can go over the top at times,and i think she should go,

  6. I live in Las Vegas NV and watch on Tuesday eve, Why do ya`ll keep showing the same thing over and over. I know there are some new stuff to show. please show me because I see it on Sunday. getting Bored on Tuesday. This is my FAVORITE show

  7. Bruh the ONE decent actor they had, elias Koteas, they write off despite him WANTING to stay. Know why? He “cost too much”. He was the ONLY actor on that ENTIRE show that had a truly legitimate Hollywood acting career. Jason Beghe wasnt even remotely CLOSE to the resumè koteas had–beghe was a side character in a few movies…even saw his name listed on thelma & Louise — but his career never really took off bc he is EXTREMELY limited as an actor. Very little range. Koteas most likely…was written off bc hes simply too good of an actor, for a show THAT garbage. Keep in mind, this is written by Dick Wolf, the writer of nearly every episode of Law & Order. He got either 1) bored with SVU or 2) saw the “woke” garbage they were attempting to insert into SVU, and how theyve made Mariska Hargitay the “centerpiece” of the show. She was somewhat tolerable when stabler was on — at LEAST he kept her arrogance and self righteousness SOMEWHAT in check. But now….oh MY. its truly become 2nd rate. Hargitay is honestly 1 of the…if not THE most intolerable, hateful, self righteous, flat out WRONG human beings ive ever seen portrayed on screen OR ? tv. She literally ALWAYS thinks she’s “right”. She was punished by GOD himself, by making her infertile and alone without a man…bc she’s “above”….”needing a man”. Its that fake-woke nonsense that you BEGAN seeing in movies…until quite literally almost 100% FLOPPED horribly. Even captain Marvel, which did relatively decent in box offices, suffered as being by FAR the least watched Marvel film. See…people have SHORT memories, mainly by the average person especially in America, is EXTREMELY lazy, and selfish. I suppose Hollywood felt like making characters that “reflect” the “culture” of the people watching. So once this HUGE wave of Hollywood producers, actors, etc. Being CAUGHT like Harvey Weinstein…they became GENUINELY afraid. So what COULD they do? They really didn’t have much choice, so they Just started…or well, ATTEMPTED to start a wave of movies and TV shows, so truly bad and low in quality, well lets just say….i DARE you to watch batwokeman….ruby rose was REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY bad…but my goodness, the nobody they replaced her with, is probably even worse. But…shes lesbian, AND black, so they figured that was PLENTY for minds of children. Or “adults” that did grow olfer in age, but never truly grew up. But bc we live in the time of millennial softness, no one can tell them that they are in ANY way not perfect. So, they dumbed down the script, let stabler walk bc he had ACTUAL talent, well enough 2 act in Hollywood, and he has thrived. However, mariska aka Benson, just keeps getting fatter and fatter. Her acting gets worse, and worse, and somehow FAR lazier than she even was. The show doesn’t even RESEMBLE the old ones, that were DRIPPING with charisma. You had Jerry Orbach on the law n order side, and stabler, captain kragen in SVU, some REALLY good actors that everyone believed and tuned in to watch for decade or more. Now, they just made Benson, the “unstable” crazy one, the CENTERPIECE. Oh, AND they fire kragen suddenly, and just “promote” benson, bc….well…..she showed up every day i guess. Funny, she was ALWAYS rhe one “going off on her own” and VIOLATING policies…to “follow her heart”. Aka, to find hee brother who apparently his real name is michael Weston, the name of the character on burn notice…but anyway dude is truly an AWFUL actor. But i assume he is Jewish or just “knew someone” high up in TV or movies, bc the dude is seriously 1 of the WORST make actors ive ever seen. They FINALLY kicked losers like him out of Hollywood, despite him having extremely small roles in movies like Harts war. I wouldn’t even know who he was, honestly, if he hadn’t pissed me off SO much with his pretentious GARBAGE “acting”. He cannot show emotion, literally ALWAYS has this look on his face like he just had his mind wiped by a lobotomy. But hey…theres only tens of thousands of people with FAR FAR better acting skill knocking on the door every day. Just ignore them…and hire whoever has “connections” or hires an agent that annoys people enough to keep him somewhat afloat in hollywood, with extremely small minor roles for like a decade. I am VERY thankful God, gives us @ least a FEW small solaces in the world, like seeing that dweeb get the boot outta Hollywood and have to beg for 2 episodes every 2 seasons as Benson’s “brother” who, I dunno kills someone but “gets away with it” for some absolute nonsense that truly would NEVER hold up in any court, ever. Just TRULY embarassing. But, even @ that, at least hes SOMEWHAT trying. Benson, aka Hargitay, is SO pretentious, SOOO self-righteous, that even the ratings are taking a hit. Finally! She truly, can NEVER be wrong. If you’re a man, or well…men are much much tougher than what they pretend on the show, so let’s just call them “males”. The “males” on the show, are neutered beyond words. “Scanavino” I think is the dudes real name, but he’s HILARIOUSLY bad @ acting, same with the little blonde bimbo that VIOLATES the law, but of course everyone, and i mean EVERYONE including her boss…just “looks the other way”. Oh ROLLINS thats her name! I honestly had forgotten bc shes THAT memorable. Her “role” on the show, is to back up Benson. No matter what. Bc they are both whamen. Hear them roar. Or well…complain. If a man, even her own “partner” the Mexican or native American looking cuckold…just takes it. What is SO strange, is its like the show, KNOWS the fake woke garbage, IS wrong…but they just cannot steer out of it. They have a few episodes where dude is CLEARLY right, and makes FAR, FAR LESS “mistakes” than Benson did even back when she was a relatively normal detective. But now, the woman who CONSTANTLY left her partner stabler in the lurch…in order to go out, on her own mind you…OFTEN TIMES AGAINST HER CAPTAIN (BOSS) kragen wishes (this would get you almost INSTANTLY fired, from ANY job…much less a military or police type of jib where following your commanders orders, are taken even MORE seriously than normal jobs. But not 4 ole Benson…she…has “daddy issues”…so she can just do whatever she wants. Cannot TELL you how many episodes ive seen, where dumbass Benson puts her jacket on, and a man will ask her “hey where the HELL do you think you’re going”? And she will basically just always say “oh im following a lead” which translates on reality to: “my brother, or my mommy, or my daddy issues have led me, to (full in blank), and i just “know” im right, and that the men are wrong…and that’s ALL i need. Bc I AM whamen! Hear me ROAR! i mean complain. Stabler, ACTUALLY had a family, but they made SURE to ALWAYS show the CONFLICT he had, trying to weigh thr options between his family and his job, which he loved both. And was really good at both. But, that would be a positive male figure, and that simply cannot happen, bc he was white, and straight. And as bob Dillon said, the times, they are a changin. Now if you are a straight, white make, you’re “evil”. Of course, they couldnt just say stabler was “evil”…and the Christopher meloni was getting LOTS of looks at promotions bc of his superb acting. And BIG roles in BIG movies, like the army commander in the Superman movies. You will notice, Hargitay was the OPPOSITE. She was born into fame, as jane Mansfields daughter shortly before her death in car famous car accident. Hargitay WAS in movies, at young age when she had some beauty. And that’s basically the end of her resumè. Oh and her mother was famous. Guess thats enough. Anyway once Hollywood started seeing, she was JUST another face, in an endless sea of faces, her career did NOT improve or take off, bc Hollywood can see lack of talent a MILE away. They might miss true talent, but u simply cannot deny a lack of talent. So what do you do, when stabler leaves? Fire all the men who drew everyone in with great acting. Get rid of Dick Wolf, who went over to show Chicago PD. And instead of cutting OUT the cancer that was hurting ratings, how about…PROMOTE the only woman on the show besides the D.A. and oooh, lets get rid of the female D.A…and get REALLY crazy, and make her, a male! Genius! Whats a real sissy name we could give him, to @ least make him look ridiculous. How about…barbara?! Thats great! Well, maybe too far, lets just go with….barba. Ugh. He is trying. I give the little boy that much. But he’s truly ridiculous. He whines, pouts, and i mean LITERALLY pouts. He talks BACK to judges, if HE “thinks” they are wrong. He would be held in contempt, honest to GOD, in my LIFE…on several occasions. This is why the show truly suffers. Its no longer even ABOUT LAW. Maybe a little about “order”, but the law part…well lets just say when u lose a REAL writer, and let THE LEAD “ACTOR” … also write the episodes….hahahah omg it becomes hoenstly funnier than nearly ANY COMEDY ON TV NOW. law and order is SOOO MUCH FUNNIER THAN A SHOW LIKE “2 broke girls”–which is probably honestly, the WORST show or any type of media, that I’ve ever personally witnessed. I got a little off track, but Chicago isnt great, but at LEAST its better than the current SVU. The reason people watch, is THE WRITING. the actors, are simply not very good. In fact, 1 of the staff, the big white dude “pretty boy” on Chicago, was 1 of thr weekly characters in SVU! anyway, they don’t have, really ANY big actors. I guess the closest, was sofia bush, and Elias Koteas…both leaving the show. Bush, bc her character never did, ANYTHING but pout, drink, “see the light”, criticize her 65 yr old mommy for, i dunno drinking at her bar, just SO TIRED. It was hard to even WATCH, much less write or “act” out. Jason Beghe hadn’t done, really, ANY acting in like a decade after his Hollywood career petered out. So what was Dick Wolfs answer to SVU? Basically, write decent, like always, but this time, HIRE A BUNCH OF NOBODYS who wouldn’t 1) leave the show or 2) become fake – woke trash like the absolute HIGHEST level thinking poor mariska hargigay can come up with on the subway on her ride into work. Who am I kidding, shes rich and even married some rich dude, she pays someone probably a limo, to drive her into work. Also, she got REALLLLLLLY fat. And yes i get when women have children its “hard to lose the weight”. But hera, HILARIOUSLY ISNT BABY WEIGHT. She’s just fat and lazy. Her body, BARELY resembles her character when she first started the show. Stabler, aka Meloni, looks almost idenitcal. Whats it say, that Hargitay is BIGGER, than the “marine” on the show, stabler ?. And her weight isnt just in stomach. Its on her shoulders, her fat ass sweaty face, and her eyes…UGH I HATE her eyes. She CONSTANTLY has this look of utter disdain, bc how DARE anyone question her, love their life the way THEY want, and not the way SHE wants, and even if you’re a woman like Rollins, you BET not ever question the “perfection” f Benson. Ever. She “teams up” with Barbra, i mean barbs, to chastise EVERY male that appears in court and DARES to go against Benson. When u have an actor, write their OWN MATERIAL…with literally NO ONE there to keep her even REMOTELY in check, you get these HILARIOUSLY bad episodes of TOTAL NONSENSE. They try to pull headlines directly from newspapers and news, but it’s never interesting. Its usually something about “black lives matter” which is just another fake-woke trashy organization that apparently DOESNT think all lives matter. Just the black ones. Bc CLEARLY, thats how you stop “racism”…is to create an organization BASED on only one race “mattering”. Damned hypocrites. Sure is hard 2 figure out why God has basically turned his back entirely on this world. Hell, I’m just a human and I can hardly stand the ignorance and CONTINUOUS rhetoric that people TELL themselves, but can’t even live up to themselves. All these companies, just LEFT the US, and went to Mexico or China where the people are HAPPY to work for a living. Whereas here, they’re like Mariska Hargigay– they “believe” they “deserve” more. Of course they cannot prove WHY they “deserve more”, they just “believe” it. Like Mariska was told by her acting coach, just. “Be confident”. And “proud”. Be “stunning and brave”. And i mean, that is IT. end of lessons. She cannot sell, ONE emotion. She pretends to always “be mad” bc its loosely what captain kragen did. Only he was SMART, cool, and sorta almost always questioned HIS OWN “reasoning” and sometimes just trusted his detectives that THEY knew what was best. Not with mariska. She ALWAYS has to be “right”, yet almost never is. She “believes” (there’s that little word again) that EVERYONE in the world, should think EXACTLY the way she does, or else they are “evil, or wrong”. She never even ATTEMPTS to date a man…bc “she don’t need no man, like her daddy who left her, to make HER happy”. Bc she was BORN…perfect. So “perfect” that her dad didn’t want anything 2 do with her. Gee, wonder why. Shes judgmental, which NO police officer should be. A judge? Ok, MAYBE. but even they are supposed to be “fair and impartial”. THAT is what theyve somehow “forgotten” on a show ABOUT THE LAW. they sorta….”forgot” what their jobs are. And what the LAW actually is. They let the law part, the part that usually is filmed in an actual court, spill over into rest of show. That way mariska can pass judgment, on EVERY “evil white man”. Used to be Stabler might “rough up” a criminal to get VITAL info in time to save someone. But with Chicago, they just have Hoight beat up thugs while they are vulnerable, in HANDCUFFS. a MAJOR felony. The ONE part that makes Chicago a little better than SVU on this, is at least thought occasionally has BLOWBACK from his vigilante stuff. At least the show acknowledges it. SVU just “pretends” everything BLATANTLY ILLEGAL, and against police policy, is ALLLLL ok, and why? Bc a whamen did it! Thats why! Every woman, is either 1) a victim or 2) PURE evil. No gray. EVERY episode, is CUT AND DRY. evil, or good. That was sorts the beauty of the old Law and Orders, even relatively “good” people, rich people, etc. Could be susceptible to making mistakes. Now, EVERY weekly “bad guy” has to brutally beat a woman, pretend hes a preacher, or serial rapist, or photographer trying to “lure in young girls”, or ULTRA noble “black rights” activist, who has those pesky “evil white people” NOT working jobs, or living their lives like normal people. EVERY “bad guy”, never works, ALWAYS is well financed, and their ENTIRE “Life” is devoted to commuting criminal acts. And lazily, that way the “brave detectives” can “outsmart” them. Ive used SO many quotes, its wearing ME out. Now, imagine WRITING THIS GARBAGE. i cannot BELIEVE they just “let” actors write their own parts now. At least the ratings have suffered enough for them to take notice. And now, its funny, bc people are beginning to REALLLLLLY question police, and their OVERUSE OF POWER. People are dumb, yes. And uaually even lazier, than dumb. But, with the internet self awareness has gone slightly up–and I think people are at least BEGINNING to see how truly awful mariska Hargigay truly is. I truly cannot IMAGINE having someone like that as my mother. I guess i was luckier than i thought. I just hope, for her kids sake, she isnt anything like the character she wrote, for herself. And gee whaddya know, the SECOND dick wolf left, meloni left, captain kragen left, the show suddenly became focused on hargigay! What r the odds! Soon as SHE began “writing”, she became the LYNCHPIN of the ENTIRE Show. When older people, that aren’t young or millennial, begin remembering the GOOD ole days, they start thinking…wait a minute…kragen wasnt like this, at ALL. Kragen always worked late, was almost always alone, and was a SMALL part of the show. Bc it wasnt called “captain kragen view of the world”. It was called LAW AND ORDER. mariska is almost the exact opposite. Selfish beyond words. EVERY action, HAS to “go through her first” so that SHE can take full credit for her detectives hard work…or usually lack thereof. The mexican/native American lookin detective, goes from wholesome decent dude, to I dunno, a like, “rage-a-holic”? I guess? That’s what hurts the most, they took a pretty darn smart show, and turned it into a dumbass “whamen rule, boys druel” gossip girl level of show. Its truly sad. It wouldve been probably ok, if they had made it slightly more “female driven”. But they went ALL-IN on the fake-woke nonsense. Now, they BADLY want you to think “gee golly, that benson. She just won’t quit. Shes so tenacious. She will do ANYTHING to get her man”. She has no relationships, no friendships, no family, literally helps NO one outside pretending to “help” the people that work for her, but i truly cannot name ONE instance where she truly helped anyone more than some normal beat-cop would do for ANY citizen who needed the help. Since they realized she basically wasn’t even a HUMAN, they added “Noah”. Her ADOPTED son. Ok, so a woman who is “so dedicated” to her job, ADOPTS a child ?. Hahaha its so pathetic. They realized people began realizing she was closer to a terminator, than a compassionate human being…so they suddenly had her start ‘dating’ Harry connick jr. Yet AGAIN, probably the cheapest crappy actor they could find. I cannot name ONE movie or TV role he has had, since the first independence day as will smiths wing man for about 5 min total in the movie, as “comic-relief”. Not much of a relief though. They have him dress like 1 of the softest males ever, wearing a pea-coat, scarves, good Lord i pray I NEVER look like that. Of course, he is portrayed, as basically being “perfect”. Never wants to have sex. Never has ANY requirements for Olivia Benson, i guess he was “attracted” to her constant frowning, her INCREDIBLY judgmental lifestyle, her lack of friends, and i mean not even ONE. Her “brother” gets neatly swept away, after his weak little 2 episode “deal”. Of course, NOT staying around once he found his “coveted long long sister” that he just found. Supposedly Olivia has this “storyline” that she LONGS to meet her daddy. Or anyone that she can call “family”. That ALL ya get. But you MUST understand…that she’s “perfect”. Explaining WHY…sure sounds like alot of work. Why don’t we just…”pretend” she is! I WISH someone would even TRY, to “live” their life like Olivia benson. They would be QUICKLY fired from their job, they would have Literally NO family besides the 2 episode brother she hung out with…i think once, outside of jail. No daddy, yet ALWAYS talks “fondly” of him or something. Im sure they want morons to just “accept her” as essentially the new Jesus, but thats why I am TRULY thankful to not be “an average American”. This show has sadly devolved, into 1 of the worst on television. Just don’t tell the people who watch, things like this, and 2 broke girls. Or NCIS with the GREAT mark Harmon, who everyone FORGOT was even an actor, since about 1985 when he was like that substitute teacher. Its a GARBO movie, and mercifully Hollywood booted him. But now, with SO many TV shows, they can basically just hire ANY washed up “actor” once their movie roles start drying up. Like david Caruso, or william Peterson on the las Vegas CSI…once they get no roles, they become DESPERATE. They’ll take ANYTHING that pays regularly. Even if it means they have to essentially play the SAME exact girl or guy, EVERY week, never growing as a character, never having a BIT of chemistry with other actors. But theyre ALWAYS portrayed, as “perfect”. Its in almost any drama you can think of. And gee, so “dramatic”. This is stuff they teach writers, like DAY ONE. but thats just it. Most people don’t REALLY want “smart”. They want something THEY…can “relate to”. Ignorance fits this role like a GLOVE. They don’t even require the show to make a LICK of sense. In fact, most times, the dumber the better. Women, just wanna tell “girl power” and guys apparently just ‘accept it’. And thus, now you get to see, why our world is falling apart around us. 20% unemployment, global chaoes pandemic, 62% divorce rate, etc. Bc no one REALLY cares about what is truly right. They just care about their own, TINY little insignificant existence, and what others can do to “enhance” their life. If you rounded up 1000 people, 998 will IMMEDIATELY tell you all that really matters to them, is them. The few others, just get tossed 2 the side, or employers will just look for a better slave, i mean “worker”. Once they get a “worker” who doesn’t ask many questions, and hopefully has a family, they realize this person HAS to keep their job…if nothing else FOR their family. And especially in today’s world, the employee has almost no rights, most states being “right to work” states that literally made a “deal” with state gvt. That they could LITERALLY FIRE AN employee, WITHOUT CAUSE. What a “right”. Just like the Patriot act, OR the Patriot act 2.,which allows basically anyone in gvt. To “monitor” regular citizens phone calls, in the off chance that 1 of literally 5 billion MIGHT do a terrorist act. Funny…we had ALL those anthrax “attacks” around 9/11, but gee golly, ZERO since then? 20 years, and not ONE other ‘attack’. Huh. Oh well, dont question it, just go back to watching TV and asking no questions, ever. They want/need you to be a good slave, I mean “employee” aka CONSUMER. So u go back to consuming. Don’t pay attention to anything, or demand a better world. Just ACCEPT that less than 2% of the world owns literally 98% of the world’s assets. Sure, you could feed the ENTIRE starving population of the WORLD..if “the rich” entitled people who almost 100% are destined for an eternal hell in what the bible calls “being thrown into a lake of ? fire”…but hey…they “gotsta do you”. Sure, the bible also speaks about taking in total strangers, and treating your ENEMIES, like you would friends…but hey, you are “in charge” of your own little weak ass “life”. If you can even technically call that, “living”. Sure, bible says “its easier to thread the eye of a needle, with a ? camel, than 4 a rich man to enter through the gates of heaven”…but what do 98% of you care! You “believe” in…i dunno, what? Yourself? I mean that’s what u were told to do, “do you”. Drake yelled “YOLO” One time, so of course you have to too….even though any real Christian knows, you love TWICE. maybe even 3 times technically. Once, birth. Twice “being saved” and 3rd, being able to go 2 heaven and live FOREVER, with truly awesome crap for a literal ETERNITY. But hey, whats that…compared to…watching Olivia Benson poorly act out scenes SHE got to “write” for herself. I wonder if that could be the reason the ratings have suffered, and this BELOVED show limps forward a SHELL of its former glory. But hey…it sure sounds like alot of “work” changing the channel, or writing one email to the network demanding more than this BS 12 yr old level “writing”. Its honestly hard 2 even CALL this writing, bc i SWEAR to you, i could find probably a DOZEN…CHILDREN to write better shows than this. Now you see, why Dick Wolf left, to go do another show. The ONE thing i just don’t get, is how people with limited intelligence, can mindlessly just stare at a program like this. Im guessing its bc they 1) are lazy 2) have next to NO standards 3) “believe” they are as “perfect” as no family, no friends, never partying, forced to ADOPT a child bc her “personality” is SO foul, that NO man, even asks her out on a date. Aside from the “WONDERFUL” acting, of the LEGENDARY Harry connick jr. What a great for us viewers. Things will literally, ALWAYS remain half-assed, when the majority of people half-ass EVERYTHING THEY DO. They either hate, or at BEST pretend to “tolerate” their job bc most people “want to have kids” and have no real choice unless born into wealth like Mariska. When you’re a child, you see money and wealth, and almost feel a bit envious. Many adults too. But thats why im I TRULY thankful money not only, DOESNT matter to God, to the degree that he made sure a line in bible was devoted to explaining it to you. But what would a God know, compared to you, or Olivia Benson.


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