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Why did they kill off Al on Chicago P.D.? The real reason for Alvin Olinsky’s death

Why did Al leave Chicago P.D.? The real reason Al was killed off the series
Chicago P.D. viewers want to know why Al was killed off on the show. Pic credit: Matt Dinerstein/NBC

In the season 5 finale of Chicago P.D., Alvin Olinsky died. However, many fans of the character stopped to ask: why did Al leave Chicago P.D.?

First off, here is a look at the storyline reasoning for his departure from the show.

Al was an undercover police officer for the Chicago PD who was partners with Ruzek and later Kim Burgess. In season 5, Al ended up caught in the middle of the battle between Sergeant Hank Voight and Lieutenant Denny Woods.

As a result, Al ended up stabbed in a prison after Woods had him arrested. He then died at the start of the Chicago PD season 5 finale as a result of Voight’s actions.

According to Chicago P.D. showrunner Rick Eid, killing Ed was a necessity to show how Voight’s decision making can have deadly consequences. Since Voight and Olinsky were so close, it made sense for him to be the one to fall.

It also allowed Voight to get some revenge as he had Woods arrested by the end of the episode for bribing Internal Affairs.

Interestingly, Eid also said that this was not something that actor Elias Koteas wanted. He was the second original cast member to leave the show in the past two seasons, following Sophia Bush.

Bush, who played Erin Lindsay, chose to leave. However, Koteas was not ready to go and had what was referred to as a “challenging” reaction to leaving the series after five seasons.

So, to answer the question of why did Al leave Chicago P.D., the answer is for story reasons and it had nothing to do with actor Elias Koteas, who was ready to stay on for more.

Chicago P.D. airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC. 

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  1. I would love to see olinsky written back in now that the problems with voit are over. I think it would make the show great again, don’t me wrong the show is awesome I just think voit needs his best friend back so writers you need to sit down and come up with away to write Alvin olinsky back in…my opinion… Thanks

  2. During this rough time…thank goodness for Chicago PD FIRE MED as a senior citizen all alone these shows are a God Sent…..Praying that this virus will be over with soon and a cure will be discovered one can only wait patiently…..Again thank you for all the great work…..stay safe and healthy……….

  3. What happened to the writers. This season has been the worst. Apparently they forgot what made them successful. Hank ‘s role has been reduced. The actions he took with others was what made the show so successful. Now he’s just another character. Having “Dawson” and “Al” leave was a poor decision. Both were characters one could respect and identify with. The replacements are not likable.

  4. I liked ‘Al’, good actor, good role. They got rid of him, and the girl that played Voit’s adapted daughter. BUT they kept the girl called ‘burgess, and the lame guy, ‘Adam’. The one playing Burgess ‘literally SUCKS. She’s a 110 lb girl that they make up as a person who can take down 200 lb guys. PFFFFT! She couldn’t break out of a paper bag, and is a terrible actress. Adam, he’s got a thing for too much haid, and one ugly hair dew!! Plya he sucks at acting as well. Who are the producers of this show that put these losers on a great, otherwise show!??

  5. i wish that ERIN was back in the show,she made the show,and for BURGESS i think she can go over the top at times,and i think she should go,

  6. I live in Las Vegas NV and watch on Tuesday eve, Why do ya`ll keep showing the same thing over and over. I know there are some new stuff to show. please show me because I see it on Sunday. getting Bored on Tuesday. This is my FAVORITE show


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