Whoopi Goldberg called out for being ‘wrong’ after defending friend’s bad behavior

Whoopi Goldberg on The View
Whoopi Goldberg on The View Pic credit: ABC

Today on The View, Whoopi Goldberg has found herself in hot water with her fans.

The blog, Current Revolt, leaked an alleged audio recording of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. She is said to be berating her staffers terribly.

This recording is so full of profanity that The View could not play it. Whoopi called it “all blue.”

Whoopi said of the audio, “She let her staff have it… What to do? What to do? What to do?”

The ladies were all shocked at the alleged behavior of the Congresswoman. Ana Navarro explained, “I cuss… but there is a difference between cussing and being cussed out.”

Ana is honest about herself. As reported by Monsters and Critics, she was just recently censored for using the word cojones.

Whoopi read a statement from the Congresswoman and defended her alleged friend.

Fans of The View took Whoopi to task over her defense of Congresswoman Lee

Whoopi explained why this was normal, “Being cussed out is somehow part of…how some of us grew up.”

The other ladies started taking the Congresswoman to task. Ana said, ” She isn’t owning her ‘f’ ups.” Ana later categorized the behavior as “toxic and emotional abuse.”

Alyssa pointed out this lady was rated the worst boss in a poll. But Whoopi wasn’t having any of it. She was taken aback that so the ladies were so upset.

Whoopi suggested, “Maybe her staff needs to grow a couple of pair and if that’s what’s actually going on and say ma’am as I leave this job, I want you to know…”

When Whoopi said that, one Twitter fan was so unhappy they had to post on social media immediately.

@SuzetteWright said, “As much as I love Whoopi, she is typically on the WRONG side of WRIGHT when it comes to workplace ethics…”

Twitter fans respond to Whoopi Goldberg
Pic Credit: @SuzetteWright/X

And another @DaNielleRene723 said, “Hey Whoopi some people need their job to take care of their family. Rich people don’t understand regular folks problems. #theview”

The View fan on Twitter

Other The View fans had a problem with Whoopi’s attitude

Whenever a story is alleged and has legal ramifications, The View reads a legal disclaimer.

This time, Whoopi clearly instructed Sunny Hostin to not, “mess this up now!”

Sunny then read the legal disclaimer as seriously as possible under Whoopi’s watchful eye.

Still, fans called this out too. @gramfurn said, “Whoopi telling Sunny to not mess up the legal note! #TheVew”

The View fan on Twitter
Pic Credit: @gramfurn/X

Caused this quick response from another fan, @VanshayM, “Because it was about her friend Sheila.”

The View fan on Twitter
Pic Credit: @VanshayM/X

Whoopi Goldberg’s fanbase watches her every move on and off the show. Recently, they questioned her frequent absences on social media.

Whoopi needs to take note that her fans are watching.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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