Ana Navarro censored live on The View again

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro is censored live on The View again Pic Credit: ABC

Things got stirred up on The View during the hot topics segment on Friday.

There was a quick happy birthday greeting to Sunny Hostin, and then the ladies launched into politics.

President Biden addressed the nation Thursday night, and Joy brought the subject up to the ladies.

Joy asked, speaking of the President’s speech, “Did it help you?” She looked around the table at Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Joy had to fill in as moderator again because Whoopi always has Friday off work.

Alyssa was the first to answer, saying it “made the case for why this matters…”

Sunny agreed, and then Ana weighed in with her situation observations.

Ana’s extreme perspective on President Biden got her in hot water

Ana Navarro decided to share her opinion on President Biden and his wartime trip to Israel.

She began speaking of President Biden, “He went over there in the middle of a war…”

Then, looking around at the ladies, she continued, “He may be old, but he has… “

Ana finished her thought, but no one could hear her words.

Producers had cut her off for using the Spanish word for “balls.”

Looking at the video, viewers can imagine what she was referring to in her sentence since she made a crude hand gesture during the outburst.

The whole debacle was quickly picked up on social media.

This is not Ana’s first time being ‘bleeped’ on The View

Ana has found herself in the host seat before this latest time.

In March of this year, the conversation, while decidedly different, was still too risqué for daytime television.

On this occasion, the ladies were talking about the Academy Awards. After talking about the winners and losers, the conversation turned to the fashion the ladies wore to the ceremony.

Ana did not hold back about anything. She even spoke of a friend, Eva Longoria, “How she kept them t*ts in place, I don’t know.”

The ladies, apart from Whoopi, were shocked. Whoopi, of course, took it in stride without blinking.

Then another time, in a segment about couples breaking up yet still vacationing together, she commented, “Let me tell you something – makeup sex and breakup sex are good sex.”

It is clear that Ana will continue to be sassy on The View and that her fans love it.

Ana’s fans have taken to Twitter to support the outspoken co-host of The View.

One fan, @knickerzoff, said “And why was Ana bleeped for saying COJONES?”

Fans question Ana Navarro being censored
Pic Credit: @knickerzoff/X

And others continue to throw their support behind Ana.

“I love you Ana,” wrote @ReedDK10 and @CheriHepton weighs in, “Anna, how I love you throwing shade…and you are 100% correct.”

The View fans of Ana Navarro sound off on Twitter
Pic Credit: @ReedDK10/@CheriHepton/X

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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