Who won the second part of HOH on Big Brother last night?

Jackson Michie BB21 BY
Jackson Michie enjoying time in the Big Brother 21 backyard. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Who won the second part of HOH on Big Brother? That’s the question most getting asked as fans hit the internet on Sunday. It’s a big question, as it sets the stage for how the rest of the season could play out.

The results of Part 2 to the final Head of Household Competition came out late Saturday evening. The live feeds got turned off and the houseguests began battling it out for a spot in Part 3.

The Part 1 winner was Jackson Michie, who won a challenge late Thursday evening. That one took place after the episode that saw Cliff Hogg evicted from the game. It sent Jackson straight to Part 3 during the season finale.

Nicole Anthony and Holly Allen then took center stage in Part 2 on Saturday night. They both knew what was on the line, but the stakes were raised even more for Nicole, who knew her entire season might be on the line.

Who won the second part of HOH on Big Brother last night?

Holly Allen won Part 2. For fans of the Jackson and Holly showmance, this was the best possible outcome for the couple. But for fans of Nicole, this was the worst-case scenario, as her chances may be gone.

Holly and Jackson will play in Part 3 of the final HOH Competition during the season finale. The winner of Part 3 gets to choose who sits next to them for the BB21 jury vote. Both halves of the couple said they are staying loyal.

There has already been a lot of celebrating by the showmance, as they may now have $550,000 in prize money that will be split between them. Taking control of the Big Brother payouts is a big deal.

Big Brother 21 is on tonight, with a new episode scheduled for 8/7c on CBS (Sunday evening). This will probably be mostly a recap episode, where the final three houseguests look back on the summer and reminisce about what has taken place. Some of Part 1 of the final HOH Competition could get shown, but it’s mostly going to be a filler episode.

Big Brother season finale airs Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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