Who won the HOH tonight on Big Brother? Live feed updates to answer

Cliff Hogg Playing POV
Cliff Hogg playing for the POV at the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS

The answer to who won the HOH tonight on Big Brother is going to come through live feed updates. For the latest Head of Household Competition, an Endurance Challenge is going to take place late Thursday.

This article will serve as a live report providing live feed updates, so be sure to refresh after the August 29 episode comes to an end.

One of Nick Maccarone or Christie Murphy is going to be evicted on Thursday night. That is unless there is some sort of a reset twist coming up. Then, the remaining houseguests will head to the backyard to play for the HOH again.

For readers who haven’t yet seen the Thursday night episode but want to learn some potential spoilers, we already have a report on the houseguest most likely to be evicted next. This seemed very likely to be the end results of Episode 29 when the feeds were turned off for show preparation on Thursday evening.

Who won the HOH tonight on Big Brother?

Beginning at roughly 7 p.m. ET / 10 p.m. PT, the Endurance Challenge should begin on the live feeds. This article will provide updates about how they are doing and reveal who has been eliminated along the way.

For readers who want to watch it take place live, the CBS live feeds are going to provide that coverage. For anyone who has not subscribed, this article will serve as a great resource to keep up with everything.

Six people will probably be playing for the August 29 HOH. If there is no twist, Holly Allen will sit this one out. That will leave Cliff Hogg, Jessica Milagros, Nicole Franzel, Tommy Bracco, Jackson Michie, and either Nick or Christie playing for the power. Everyone knows the importance of winning this Endurance Challenge, so it could be a really good one.

HOH Competition live recap: Let’s get it started!

The six participating houseguests have been shown perched on a wall in the backyard. It’s a familiar Endurance Challenge, but it could be a fun one to watch with this group. Cliff, Jessica Milagros, Nicole, Tommy, Jackson, and Christie are officially playing.

For readers who may need a recap for the Thursday night episode, here is one that breaks it down.

Host Julie Chen Moonves announced that she could see clouds coming and rain started falling on the six houseguests. They all looked miserable and the competition was only a few minutes old.

There are now objects made to look like ghosts crashing into the houseguests and making it harder to stay hanging on. At least all of the competitors stayed on the wall until the end of the episode, but stay tuned to find out what happens next!

The feeds are on and everyone is still holding strong. Holly looks lonely sitting alone as she watches.

Roughly 20 minutes since starting, all six people are still in it.

Jessica Milagros was the first one to fall.

Cliff Hogg dropped about 15 minutes later to become the second one out.

Christie Murphy fell less than a minute after Cliff to be the third one out.

Nicole Anthony, Jackson Michie, and Tommy Bracco were the final three.

Nicole fell, leaving just Jackson and Tommy to battle it out.

Jackson Michie has won the Head of Household Competition. This is the second time in three weeks he has been the HOH.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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