Who won the Big Brother Head of Household tonight?

Holly And Michie BB21
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie discussing the BB21 cast on live feeds. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Find out who won the Big Brother Head of Household tonight with this live blog. We will be reporting on the challenge as it takes place on the live feeds and readers can keep up with everything that happens.

Make sure to refresh the page often, following the completion of the Thursday night episode at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

Season 21, Episode 35 of the show begins on Thursday night at 9/8c. It’s an hour-long episode where someone is going to get evicted. That houseguest will head to the BB21 jury house to join six people already living there.

Likely at the end of the episode, or immediately following it, the final four Head of Household Competition will begin. It’s being advertised as something that will take place entirely on the CBS live feeds.

Big Brother Head of Household tonight decided live

There is a message currently scrolling on the CBS live feeds advertising that fans need to turn on the feeds this evening. It’s great news for people who have been subscribing, especially after all the fish getting shown this week.

“Tune in to the Big Brother Live Feeds after tonight’s episode around 10 pmEST/7pm PST to watch the Houseguests compete for HOH![sic]”

As mentioned earlier, this article will serve to give live updates to readers as the competition takes place. It could be a long night for the houseguests, especially if it turns out to be an Endurance Challenge.

If it is going to rely on endurance to win this HOH Competition, then that serves as a huge disadvantage to Cliff. That means the next person in charge of the house should be either Nicole or Holly/Tommy.

This is where the decisions that Cliff and Nicole make at the Eviction Ceremony could end up impacting them later in the game. Will they choose correctly? Either way, after the episode, come back to find out how things are going.

Update: Time for the HOH Competition

Tommy was just evicted on a 2-0 vote. That meant Cliff, Nicole, and Holly were playing for the HOH. The challenge just began and it is called “Crash and Turn.” The trio is hanging on to ropes as they stand on small discs. It has been done before and endurance is the key.

As the challenge continues, it appears like this one heavily favors Nicole and Holly. Cliff may not last long and he will then have to wait with Jackson as things all play out.

When the live feeds turned back on after the episode, Jackson was already giving Nicole the key. Nicole is the new Head of Household!

Big Brother has new CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

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