Who wins Big Brother 2019 could be determined by POV winner today

Final Four HOH
Final four houseguests on Big Brother 21 prepare for competition. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Who wins Big Brother 2019 may be dictated by the final POV winner. And who wins the Power of Veto will be determined during a challenge on Saturday.

It’s nearly time for the final Veto Competition of the summer 2019 season. Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg, and Jackson Michie will all be playing for the Power of Veto. Yes, Holly too, as she broke her deal.

Late Thursday night, it was Nicole who won the HOH Competition. She then nominated Jackson and Holly for eviction. Currently, Cliff is the only one who has a vote for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

The only thing that has been determined so far, is that Nicole has a guaranteed spot in the final three. Now, she is just awaiting the news of who will join her to take part in the final HOH Competition of the summer.

Veto Competition winner decides final three

If Nicole wins the Power of Veto, she plans to keep the nominees the same. She wants Cliff to evict Jackson, but even if she wins this challenge, she may not get her way.

If Cliff wins the POV, he also plans to keep Holly and Jackson on the block. Should Cliff get that power, he will then have the difficult choice of keeping Jackson to honor his deal or evict him since he is the bigger threat.

If Holly or Jackson wins the POV, they will remove themselves from the block. Holly and Jackson already told one another that they are evicting Cliff, no matter what. They still plan to continue spreading disinformation until they have to reveal their exact plan.

The final Veto Competition of the season will take place on Saturday, September 14. The live feeds will be turned off while it takes place, but the winner will be revealed when the feeds come back on. From there, it may become much easier for fans to predict who wins Big Brother 2019.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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