Who will win American Idol 2019? Our prediction ahead of Season 17 finale

Laine Hardy, Madison VanDenBerg and Alejandro Aranda on American Idol
It’s down to the final three on American Idol – Laine Hardy, Madison VanDenBurg and Alejandro Aranda. Pic credit: ABC

Here we are at the Season 2 finale of American Idol on ABC. It’s a huge night for Laine Hardy, Madison VanDenBurg and Alejandro Aranda but only one of them will come out on top.

The decision is announced live so when it comes to American Idol spoilers, there’s no way to know who might take the top prize but that won’t stop us from taking a guess!

As American Idol fans know, this isn’t the first time Laine Hardy has tried to win but this year, he made it much further than last. Clearly, the top-three contestant learned a few things his first time around.

When making his Season 2 debut, Hardy wasn’t even trying out for the show. Instead, he was just on hand to accompany his friend, Ashton Gill but was prompted by the judges to give it another shot.

While Gill was eliminated early, Laine Hardy impressed the judges and American Idol fans, making his way all the way to the Season 2 finale.

Does he have what it takes to win this time around? Things are definitely looking good for Laine Hardy, who changed up his look and improved his sound since his last run but it’s no secret the competition is fierce this time around with his biggest competition being Alejandro Aranda.

Now when it comes to Aranda, he seems like the least likely of the three to compete on a show like American Idol — that is, until he starts to sing.

Alejandro has the voice of an angel and his musical talent is beyond incredible. Making him even more impressive is that Alejandro Aranda is self-taught and he’s performed many original songs that were just as good, if not better, than those the competition chose to perform.

Seriously, we could imagine hearing Alejandro Aranda’s own compositions on the radio and don’t be surprised if you do, whether he wins tonight or not.

There’s also the fact that Gold Derby polls have put Aranda as many as 10 points ahead of Laine Hardy and while Hardy has managed to close that gap somewhat, Alejandro is still a fan favorite with a great amount of talent. Don’t count him out!

The third finalist vying for the top prize on Season 2 of American Idol on ABC is Madison VanDenBurg.

While Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda are the clear frontrunners in this singing competition, it’s still anyone’s game and since the winner is determined by the fans, her fans need to get out the vote if they want to see her win.

So who do we think may win American Idol during the finale tonight? While it’s still anybody’s competition to win, it’s hard not to pull for Alejandro Aranda. In fact, I’ve been pulling for him since the beginning.

Considering that Alejandro has shared four original songs just since he hit the top 14, he continues to remain humble and he has the chops and instrumental talent to top the charts. He would be a great winner to add to the list of amazing talent coming from this singing competition.

The American Idol Season 2 finale airs on Sunday, May 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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