Who went home on MasterChef tonight? Two cooks get eliminated

MasterChef In London
MasterChef Season 10 cooks arriving in London. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

Episode 22 of MasterChef led to the end of the road for two home cooks. Two people were eliminated, taking the season down to its final four contestants.

Families were on hand in the MasterChef kitchen during the last episode. It turned into a tough night for Micah Yaroch, as he was eliminated from the show. That left just six people competing for the MasterChef title.

The final six competitors were Dorian Hunter, Nick DiGiovanni, Noah Simms, Sarah Faherty, Shari Mukherjee, Subha Ramiah. At this point in Season 10, it also meant that the cooks were in for a surprise.

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MasterChef recap: Season 10, Episode 22

It wouldn’t be an episode of Season 10 if the producers and hosts didn’t add another big twist or event. This time, it involved taking the final six cooks to London. It was time for them to show what they could do on the world stage.

The Cooks Arrive In London | Season 10 Ep. 22 | MASTERCHEF

It was fun to see how the cooks learned they were going to London, as it was during what they thought was a Mystery Box Challenge. The video below shares their faces when they learned the news.

The Cooks Reveal What's Under Their Boxes | Season 10 Ep. 22 | MASTERCHEF

When they got to their challenge, the episode revealed the top six would take part in a Team Challenge at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Sarah Faherty and Nick DiGiovanni became the two team captains. Shari Mukherjee and Subha Ramiah joined Nick on the Red Team, while Dorian Hunter and Noah Sims joined Sarah on the Blue Team.

Who went home on MasterChef tonight?

Viewers may end up pretty shocked by the way this episode turned out. There was raw food, struggles in a very upscale kitchen, and a lot of Gordon Ramsay showing his angry side.

At times, it seemed like an episode of Hell’s Kitchen was playing out instead of Season 10 of MasterChef America.

The two cooks who went home on MasterChef tonight were Subha Ramiah and Shari Mukherjee. It was not a good night for the Red Team, but now viewers know the final four cooks for this season.

Dorian Hunter, Nick DiGiovanni, Noah Simms, and Sarah Faherty will continue cooking in London during next week’s episode.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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