Who went home on Double Shot at Love? One girl chooses to leave, another gets sent home in a cab

Elle, B-Lashes, Nadya and Alli
Vinny and Pauly host a talent show to learn more about the girls. Pic credit: MTV

Episode 2 of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny is in the books and like the last, it did not disappoint. The girls are still in hot competition for the love of the Jersey Shore bachelors and some have even proven they’ll do anything to win their attention.

On the latest episode, there were a couple of kisses as Alysse bonded with Vinny and Nikki got close to Pauly. That started a bit of drama in the house as the other girls were seething with jealousy.

No one was more jealous than Christina, who declared she really felt a connection with Vinny but was upset he didn’t want her back. That led to another spiral as she started questioning everything about her time in the house.

So when DJ Pauly D and Vinny were supposed to be tasked with sending two girls home on Double Shot at Love, they only had one choice to make as Christina, who just couldn’t seem to handle the competition, opted to go home rather than go all out.

When asked by the other girls why she decided to leave, Christina said she was really wanting to spend time at the gym and didn’t even know if there was one in the house. Then, she questioned the food they were eating, wondering where it even came from and if it was organic.

No one seemed to understand why she would leave on account of gyms and the source of the food but that leaves one less contender in the house and no one complained about that.

When it was time for Pauly and Vinny to meet up in the barbershop and decide who was the other girl to go home, they didn’t have to spend too much time talking things over. It seemed that Pauly already knew which girl he wanted to send away and Vinny wasn’t arguing about it.

Right at the beginning of the episode, the girls were all dancing and one stood out for all the wrong reasons.

Vinny explained that being a good dancer and having good rhythm translates to so many other things, including whether someone was good in bed. Ashley Lands started showing off her moves, which came across as more like an epileptic robot than anything that might lead to a positive bedroom experience.

Things didn’t get better for Ashley either. When questioned about what she does for a living and what is important to her, she left Vinny wondering if she was really looking for love or if she just wanted some airtime on their TV show.

Ashley talked about modeling and her career in exotic automobiles, explaining how she travels the country and the world.

Ashley Lands on Double Shot at Love
Ashley Lands likes fast cars, the highest heights and she’s not afraid of anything. Pic credit: MTV

In the end, Ashley’s quest for love or fame — or whatever she was looking for — came to an end as she was sent home, leaving Double Shot at Love with just 14 girls left to continue working to win over DJ Pauly D and Vinny.

Double Shot at Love airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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