Who was Reeves on NCIS and what happened to him?

Duane Henry played Clayton Reeves on NCIS
Duane Henry played Clayton Reeves on NCIS. Pic credit: Express&Star

Clayton Reeves was honored by his former NCIS co-workers during the October 2 episode of the show. Played by actor Duane Henry, the character of Reeves spent two seasons helping out NCIS. An MI-6 liaison, he brought an interesting flair to the show.

During the second episode of Season 16, Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama), was seen having a bad day after breaking his sunglasses. He lashed out at people and even ended up getting benched. It was later revealed that Reeves had given the sunglasses to Torres, causing Torres to miss him.

The episode ended with Bishop and Torres discussing how kind Reeves had been, giving a good sendoff to the character and allowing viewers some more time with the memory of Reeves.

What happened to Clayton Reeves on NCIS?

Toward the end of Season 15, Reeves was out with Abby Sciuto, when the two were confronted by a mugger with ugly motives. The mugger shot both of them, with Reeves succumbing to his injuries. It brought an end to the story arc for this character.

Who was Reeves to the NCIS cast?

The death of Reeves and dealing with it has been rough on the rest of the NCIS team. It was used as the main reason that Abby Sciuto (played by Pauley Perrette) ended up also leaving the team. That loss has also hit the rest of the team hard, despite Abby getting replaced by a very intriguing character in the lab.

While this may not be the last reference that NCIS makes to the death of Clayton Reeves, it could also serve as the perfect sendoff. It showed that he still has an impact on the rest of the team and that they aren’t going to soon forget him.

As with the deaths of any major character on the show, they tend to come up in later seasons. Viewers should expect to see that with Clayton Reeves and Abby Sciuto as well.

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