Who plays the Duke in Bridgerton?

The Duke stars in Bridgerton
In Bridgerton, the suave Duke, also known as Simon to close friends, is played by Regé-Jean Page. Pic credit: Netflix

The Duke in Bridgerton is keenly depicted by British actor Regé-Jean Page.

His presence on the streaming series that takes place in 1813 London may account for why, on January 1, Season 1 of Bridgerton is number one on Netflix’s top ten list.

Those are a lot of firsts, which is not surprising especially thanks to the actor who plays the dashing dude — who intimates call Simon — for whom fans from far and wide are falling with great gusto.

Bridgerton is based on The Duke and I book

Since Bridgerton is based on the Julia Quinn book called The Duke and I, you probably have guessed that Regé-Jean Page’s part is germane to the story told during the picturesque, eight-part series.

That is definitely true.

The “I” in the book and series title is a member of the Bridgerton tribe. Daphne is the eldest sister of the eight children in this large upper-class family and is perfectly portrayed by Phoebe Dynevor. As fans may guess, Page’s character is “The Duke.”

Daphne and Simon literally crash into each other during the first episode of Bridgerton, and the story goes on from there. While spoilers have been written about in previous posts, let’s leave telling information about what happens to this perceived couple for another write-up.

Actor Regé-Jean Page owns a meaty resume

Now, with Regé-Jean Page being the British actor nearly every Bridgerton viewer is talking about, let’s share a bit about him.

“Regé-Jean Page’s work is quickly establishing him as one the most exciting British acting talents of his generation,” spouts IMDb in the charming thespian’s mini-bio.

Page started garnering kudos for his work when he took on the break-out lead role of Chicken George in the awe-inspiring TV series, Roots.

Following that memorable performance, he went on to appear in Mortal Engines, the Peter Jackson science fiction thriller, and Sylvie’s Love, a summer romance released in 2020.

Regé-Jean Page starred in For The People

This talented bloke also appeared in Shondaland’s For The People. He played Leonard Knox, one of six young attorneys and one of the prosecutors handling high stakes cases on the hit ABC show.

Now he can be seen as the Duke in the current series, Bridgerton, which is also helmed by Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, and Revenge.

Although Page was raised in Zimbabwe, his life as a young scholar took place in the UK.

Specifically, he was emersed in the arts by attending the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, followed by a stint at the Drama Centre London.

On stage, he appeared at Shakespeare’s Globe, located on the banks of the River Thames. There, he acted alongside the inimitable Jonathan Price in The Bard’s masterpiece, The Merchant Of Venice.

Bridgerton is currently streaming on Netflix.

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