How old is Daphne Bridgerton?

Daphne Bridgerton on Bridgerton
On Netflix’s hit new series, Daphne Bridgerton is introduced to society in hopes of hooking a husband. Pic credit: Netflix

Daphne Bridgerton is the center of attention in Bridgerton, the new eight-part series streaming on Netflix.

How old is Daphne Bridgerton?

One of the six Bridgerton children, Daphne is performed by English actress Phoebe Dynevor.

Based on the character who appears in bestselling romance author Julia Quinns’s The Duke and I, the first novel in her nine-novel Bridgerton series, 21-year-old Daphne is played by 25-year-old Dynevor.

As the oldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne is now old enough to be presented to high society London to snag a spouse.

Who is Daphne Bridgerton?

In Quinn’s novel, this lovely lady who looks like she just stepped out of a Johannes Vermeer painting is “the consummate Regency-era daughter, willing to put on party dresses, attend every ball, and remain on her best behavior in hopes of making a match,” according to Vulture.

The source states that Daphne is a bit different in the novel than she is as she appears in the lush Netflix series.

The source comments that in the book, “She’s even more pragmatic than her mother is — Daphne doesn’t care about love; she just wants to marry someone she enjoys being around. Unfortunately, Daph’s been having trouble getting a guy to propose because, as one eligible bachelor puts it, she’s ‘positively normal’…”

Being normal is reportedly not what a suitor of that era seeks in a bride because she comes off to single men as more of a buddy than a desirable woman.

Daphne Bridgerton is a different kind of debutante

Conversely, the television series depicts this dainty Bridgerton sister as a different kind of debutant on the prowl.

Indeed, she’s hardly normal as she cooks up a coy scene to be with a certain duke who is unwilling to ever marry.

She’s so inviting that she attracts a motley crew of eligible bachelors who aren’t her proverbial cup of tea. In fact, a number of them are downright awful, causing Daphne to use the handsome duke as a decoy until the right guy comes along.

A Russian prince answers that demand and this is quite convenient given the Queen thinks Daphne is the biggest catch of the season.

However, this Bridgerton beauty ends up falling in love with the duke despite herself, making the whole ruse a big waste of time. Or not.

At least Daphne enjoyed her company while she dallied at all the sumptuous parties and dances and other outings that were part of the whole mating ritual in 1813, according to writer Julia Quinn and the Shondaland crew who brought Quinn’s book to the small screen in the new and delightful series.

Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix.

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