Who plays Maggie on Blue Bloods?

Who plays Maggie the medium on blue Bloods?
Callie Thorne is Maggie Gibson on Blue Bloods. Pic Credit: CBS

Maggie the medium was back on Blue Bloods in the Season 10 premiere last night.

After helping Danny Reagan solve the mystery around his late wife Linda’s death last year, the detective now has a soft spot for the medium.

Tough guy Danny may not admit he is intrigued by the medium but his partner, Maria Baez, can see Maggie Gibson has had an impact on him. It is the reason Danny agrees to meet with Maggie to help solve a cold case involving a child murder.

When Maggie lands in danger after helping a child escape the serial killer, Danny rushes, to save his new friend. In true fashion, the detective makes it just in time to save Maggie from a burning car.

There are definitely sparks between Danny and Maggie. Their portrayers, Donnie Wahlberg, and Callie Thorne have given great chemistry to these two characters.

The premiere episode of Blue Bloods has left fans wondering if Maggie the medium is going to be a new love interest for Danny Reagan.

If Callie looks familiar, it is because she is no stranger to television. The talented actress has had a successful run on the small screen. Her breakout role was playing Laura Ballard for two years on Homicide Life on the Street.

She followed that up by joining The Wire. Callie even pulled double duty at times during her stint on the HBO drams. Prison Break, ER and Law & Order: SVU is only a few of the shows she appeared on in conjunction with The Wire.

It has been full steam ahead for Callie for the past couple of decades. There was her high-profile role on Rescue Me, with her pal Denis Leary. Then she showed off her comedic side in the USA comedy Necessary Roughness, as well as the short-lived NBC show The Mysteries of Laura.

There is no question Callie Thorne is one in-demand actress. Although fans are into a possible Danny and Maggie relationship, Callie may not be available to commit to Blue Bloods full time.

It was announced in the summer of 2018, Callie was teaming up with Leary for the new USA network show Erase. The network ordered a pilot episode for the series, but it has been months since there was an update on the show’s status.

If Erase falls through, it could mean Callie would be available to keep playing Maggie on Blue Bloods. Neither the actress nor the CBS show have commented on her status yet.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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