Who plays Mad Dog on Riverdale? Actor Eli Goree is generating a lot of buzz

KJ Apa and Eli Goree as Archie and Mad Dog on Riverdale
Archie and Mad Dog came together in the prison yard. Pic credit: CW network

Riverdale is two episodes into Season 3 and there are already plenty of questions about what is happening. Archie (KJ Apa) has decided to do his time in a juvenile detention center and with that comes another mystery and a new character.

Last night, Riverdale fans were introduced to Mad Dog (Eli Goree). He was Archie’s cellmate, and immediately it was evident something wasn’t right. While the clean-cut newbie tried to make nice with the buff guy in front of him, Mad Dog was not having it.

Upon further investigation, Archie realized that Mad Dog was able to survive without being part of the Serpents or the Ghoulies. How was that possible?

As the episode progressed, a lot of interesting things happened for Archie and his relationship with Mad Dog softened. In fact, the football player even organized a game for the inmates in the yard. The goal behind this was that instead of trying to kill one another, they focus on having fun and avoid the guards attacking them because of bad behavior.

It seemed like a good idea until it wasn’t. When the guards charged the yard, things took a very sinister turn.

Archie returned to his cell and noticed everything of Mad Dog’s was gone. Where did he go? The guard informed him that he died because of the riot incited by Archie in the yard, but everyone knows that isn’t how things went down and Mad Dog wasn’t even out there. So what gives?

The Warden informed Archie that he was going to be the “new” Mad Dog. While it is unclear what this means, fans got a sneak peek into what to expect moving forward. It appears there is some underground boxing culture that uses inmates. Archie Andrews has now become the figure for the detention center where he is detained.

Eli Goree may have looked familiar to some viewers as he has appeared on other shows such as GLOW on Netflix, The 100, and Supernatural. Riverdale fans were left fawning over him, many of them wanting more. So will Mad Dog ever come back?

Placing Mad Dog in Archie’s path may not have been an accident. Sometimes things in Riverdale have huge impacts and will reappear later on down the road. It is possible that Eli Goree may be back to reprise his role, but he could also have been a one and done deal. Only time will tell!

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on the CW network.

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