Who plays in Big Brother Chaos Whacktivity Competition? Secret Chaos Power assigned to houseguest this week

BB21 Cast In Living Room
Big Brother 21 cast in the Living Room. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother Chaos Whacktivity Competition will award a new power to one of the houseguests. This secret power will be the second one assigned in the new challenge for summer 2019.

Ovi Kabir won the Nightmare Power, emerging as the victor in the first Whacktivity Competition. He beat out Kathryn Dunn, Isabella Wang, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III.

The special power he received was the ability to cancel out a Nomination Ceremony from one of the HOHs over the first six weeks.

Chaos Whacktivity Competition players

Holly Allen, Jackson Michies, Tommy Bracco, Sam Smith, and Jack Matthews comprise the second group of houseguests playing in the Whacktivity Competition.

Big Brother host Julie Chen has not revealed what the secret power is this time, but that will be announced during the Sunday episode of the show. Per the new CBS primetime schedule, that episode takes place at 8/7c on July 7.

It’s now possible for Jack to not only be the current Head of Household but to also hold a secret power that controls the game for a while. That’s a lot of power to be in the hands of one BB21 cast member.

Big Brother 21 backlash on social media

A lot of viewers have been displeased with the actions of Jackson Michies and Jack Matthews this season. That has led to a massive backlash against the show on social media, including a petition to remove Jack from the game.

That continued this week, with some comments that one of them made and then the appearance of Jack pretending to be an ape or monkey when he saw David Alexander on one of the cameras.


There are going to be a lot of additional Big Brother 21 spoilers to report over the next 48 hours. That might include what Jack Matthews has done next in his quest to become one of the most nefarious houseguests the show has had.

Additional information that will come out on the Big Brother live feeds could include the Chaos Power winner, the Week 2 nominations for eviction, and who won the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 21 has episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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