Who plays Eddie Barrett on NCIS: New Orleans? Actor Eddie Cahill returns

Cahill As Barrett
Eddie Cahill as Eddie Barrett on Season 6 NCIS: New Orleans cast. Pic credit: CBS

Eddie Barrett was back for the fall finale of NCIS: New Orleans on Tuesday night. It was a dramatic and emotional episode for fans and the members of the NCIS team, especially due to whom they were dealing with.

Barrett was accused of killing Special Agent Christopher Lasalle but he got out after presenting an alibi that verified he was somewhere else when the member of the NCIS team was gunned down.

When the fall finale began, Special Agent Dwayne Pride and his team were just outside a house where Barrett and armed people working for and with him were holed up. Would Pride be able to de-escalate the situation?

Who plays Eddie Barrett on NCIS: New Orleans?

Actor Eddie Cahill joined the NCIS: New Orleans cast this season, presenting a pretty formidable adversary for the handful of episodes he guest-starred in. He immediately put himself on the wrong side of the fans, though, because the death of Lasalle has hit viewers quite hard.

It appears that we have come to the end of that particular character, though, as Pride killed Eddie Barrett at the end of the latest episode. There could still be some repercussions from what just took place, including some mental flashbacks for Pride, but Cahill had his character killed off.

Before joining the NCIS: New Orleans cast, Cahill was best known to CBS viewers as Don Flack on CSI: NY. He played the character for nearly 200 episodes and endeared himself quite well to fans of the CSI spin-off.

Additional television roles that Cahill has played include Sam Verdreaux on Under the Dome and Conner Wallace on Conviction. Appearing on this trio of NCIS: New Orleans episodes could have him known as this particular character now because Eddie Barrett was simply not a very nice guy.

Now, the move to Sunday nights begins for NCIS: NOLA.

NCIS: New Orleans now moves to Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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