Who plays Darlene McConnell on Stumptown cast? Josie Davis guest stars

Josie Davis
Actress Josie Davis is going to appear on the Stumptown cast. Pic credit: ImageCollect.com/admedia

Darlene McConnell is a new character on the Stumptown cast who appears for the first time on the February 19 episode.

Season 1, Episode 15 of Stumptown is called “At All Costs: The Conrad Costas Chronicles.” It’s going to be the last new episode of the show in February.

The synopsis released by ABC is an extensive one, centered around a woman who believes that a former classmate has plagiarized her Hollywood script.

If the preview is accurate, that woman is Camille Costas (played by Mary Passeri).

Passeri has appeared on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Best Friends Whenever (Astrid Marcus), and The First Family (Rebecca).

The character of Camille Costas may not be the one that viewers notice the most, though, as there is another one that could garner a lot of attention.

Who plays Darlene McConnell on Stumptown cast?

Actress Josie Davis is joining the Stumptown cast for this new episode. She has been acting for a long time, and she even has a new show — The Hot Seat — that is in post-production.

The role that Davis is still best known for is that of Sarah Powell on Charles in Charge. She played that role for almost the full run of the series that also starred Scott Baio, Nicole Eggert, and Willie Aimes.

After her time on Charles in Charge, Davis worked for a while as Grace Turner on The Young and the Restless before popping up as Camille Desmond on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Other shows that Davis has appeared on include L.A. Heat, Nash Bridges, NCIS, CSI: Miami, Two and a Half Men, and Burn Notice. She also had an interesting three-episode arc on CSI: NY.

Now, Davis is going to stop by Stumptown Episode 15, in what looks to be a fun installment of the new ABC show.

Full synopsis of At All Costs: The Conrad Costas Chronicles

According to ABC, there is more to the episode than just Dex (Cobie Smulders) and Grey (Jake Johnson) venturing to Los Angeles to help this mysterious client.

Grey is also going to leave Ansel (Cole Sibus) and Tookie (Adrian Martinez) in charge of The Bad Alibi. This will lead to a subplot where Tookie hosts a birthday party at the bar.

It is also advertised that panic will set in when they discover that a valuable is missing. Could it be the gun that was referenced during the last episode?

This new episode of the show will air on February 19 and also features Mercer Boffey as Todd, Beth Fraser as a young Maribel, and Callum Joyce as Mikey Jr.

Stumptown guest stars have been a lot of fun during the debut season.

That has included appearances by Cheryl Hines as Ginger and Mike Epps as a TV judge.

Stumptown airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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