Who kills Beta in The Walking Dead? Show may differ from comics

Beta TWD S10 E6
Ryan Hurst as Beta on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 6. Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The person who kills Beta in The Walking Dead comics may not be the same person who kills the member of the Whisperers on the hit AMC show. But it’s possible that the story still plays out that way.

The writers for the show have taken liberties when it comes to the stories over the years, possibly in an effort to spice things up, but also to adjust to actors or actresses on the TWD cast and to improve upon the comics.

A good example of changes has taken place with the character of Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride on the show. In the comics, she kills herself. That’s not exactly a good way for the new Carol to go out, especially with how strong she has become since the apocalypse began.

So, it’s important to keep stories like Carol’s in mind when it comes to trying to figure out what is going to happen with Alpha, Beta, and Gamma as Season 10 of The Walking Dead plays out.

Who kills Beta in The Walking Dead?

In the comics, it is Aaron who kills Beta. The man with the iron arm comes through in the clutch, taking out the big man after the real war with the Whisperers has come to an end.

As Aaron has still survived on the show, despite coming close to death numerous times, it’s still possible that he could be the one who ends Beta’s time on the show. But with the way things have gone so far in Season 10, he certainly isn’t the most likely candidate.

It’s safe to assume that Beta doesn’t die on The Walking Dead episodes left in 2019. It would make sense to keep him alive for the second-half episodes of Season 10 and assume that actor Ryan Hurst will be playing him into the start of 2020.

Another question that is interesting to contemplate is who the writers will have Beta be under that mask. In the TWD comics, he was later revealed to be a famous basketball player and celebrity. Will they stick with that backstory?

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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