Who is Winston the mystery man on The Proposal?

Winston's episode of The Proposal
The Proposal has Winston Showan as tonight’s mystery man in the pod. Pic credit: ABC

Winston is the name of tonight’s mystery man on The Proposal, and while ABC would like to keep his identity hidden we did some digging for you to learn more about him.

Usually, the contestants are good at keeping their identities hidden and don’t talk about their role on the show until after the fact.

However, tonight’s contestant, a man named Winston Showan, decided to open up on Instagram about his participation.

ABC reveals that Winston is a self-made millionaire and that he lives in San Diego. As it turns out, Winston is indeed living in California but he is originally from the UK.

If you are hoping for a tech entrepreneur or the next Mark Zuckerberg, though, you may be disappointed. Based on his Instagram account and Facebook page, Winston is an actor. He even has his own IMDb page.

According to the movie database, Winston Showan is an actor and is known for roles in Road (2017), Girlfri3nds (2012) and Big Brother (2000).

It isn’t the United States version of Big Brother that he featured on, though, but Big Brother UK 15. He placed 7th overall, and gained some local fame in the UK from his appearance.

Winston is now living in the United States. His Instagram reveals that he loves to stay healthy, lift weights and keep fit in general.

You will find plenty of photos of him posing in front of a mirror. But he also appears to have a great time with friends, including enjoying drinks by the pool.

And while friends and family are a huge part of his life on social media, there was also a girlfriend. Back in the summer of 2016, about two years ago, he shared a photo of a blonde woman he called his “babe”.

What do you think about Winston Showan being the mystery man on The Proposal?

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