Who is Thora Birch on The Walking Dead cast? Gamma joins TWD Season 10

Thora Birch Red Carpet
Thora Birch has joined The Walking Dead Season 10 cast. Pic credit: ©

The Walking Dead cast is going to see a lot of changes during Season 10 of the show. Michonne, who is portrayed by Danai Gurira, has left the show, creating a bit of a void when it comes to the main characters.

The introduction of Gamma, who Thora Birch plays, comes at the same time that Danai Gurira is leaving the TWD cast. While the two characters are parts of different factions on the show, Birch is a big name to add to the mix.

Who is Thora Birch on The Walking Dead cast?

Birch is going to be taking on the role of Gamma, who is someone that is heavily protective of Alpha. Actress Samantha Morton, who appears a lot in the Season 10 trailer, will likely share a lot of scenes with Birch.

As for Birch, she has been acting for many years. A lot of movie fans remember her as the daughter of Harrison Ford back when he played Jack Ryan. She appeared in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger for that role.

Birch was also one of the kids from Hocus Pocus, a film that has become a Halloween cult-classic over the years.

Another memorable role of hers was in Ghost World. Birch played Enid, while Scarlett Johansson played Rebecca in the film. It also co-starred Steve Buscemi.

The Walking Dead cast for Season 10 will see a lot of changes, with several characters being shown for the final time and additional actors and actresses stepping into new roles for the show.

Seeing Thora Birch starring as Gamma within the Whisperers is certainly going to be an interesting treat.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 10 episodes in October on AMC.

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