Who is Rik Villa from Project Runway?

Rik Villa during the home visit segment of Lifetime's Project Runway
Rik Villa relaxing during the home visit segment of Lifetime’s Project Runway

Rik Villa has made it all the way to the final of this year’s Project Runway, but who is he?

31-year-old Rik hails from Los Angeles and has been making clothes since was 13.

He reckons he saw fashion design as his calling when he started to really want his own clothes to fit properly.

Rik's runway work
Rik’s runway work

Rik sees his strengths as his practical skills and taste, with his habit of over-designing being his main weakness.

He ended up on the show after he lost his retail job, so he has everything to gain from the competition.

More of Rik's runway work
More of Rik’s runway work

The entrepreneur also has nearly a decade’s experience of running his own business and feels his hard work ethic is a huge advantage.

Rik also has his own retail website, where you can pick up many of his original creations.  His range includes lots of urban wear with tees and hoodies sporting his unique designs.

Nir-rms Band Tee
Nir-rms Band Tee

A Nir-rms Band Tee comes in at a very reasonable $38 but an Army Trench Coat will set you back $448.

His style is sharp street fashions mixed in with some clever accessories and details, he tries to reflect the subcultures that propagate the city he comes from.

Army trench coat
Army trench coat

Rik has received mixed reviews from the judges but you just never know what’s going to happen in the final!

He also has a popular Instagram account where you follow his work and what he’s up to.

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