Who is Boomer on Good Girls? David Hornsby portrayed Annie’s sleazy boss Leslie Peterson

David Hornsby as Boomer
David Hornsby played Leslie Peterson, aka Boomer, on NBC’s Good Girls. Pic credit: NBC

David Hornsby portrayed Leslie Peterson, aka Boomer, on NBC’s crime comedy series Good Girls.

Boomer was the assistant manager at the supermarket Fine & Frugal where Annie (Mae Whitman) worked. He was also Marion’s (June Squibb) grandson.

The deplorable character died in Good Girls Season 2, Episode 3, titled You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson.

It was Boomer who recognized the tattoo on Annie and realized she was part of the masked gang that robbed Fine & Frugal. He revealed to Annie he knew she was part of the gang that committed the robbery and he demanded she pays for his silence with sex.

When Annie resisted he tried to force himself on her. Beth (Christina) found him attempting to rape Annie and knocked him unconscious.

The girls held him captive in their backyard, but he escaped.

He later entered a relationship with Mary Pat (Allison Tolman) and blackmailed her to marry him. Boomer teamed up with Agent Jim Turner (James Lesure) to bring the girls down, while Mary Pat teamed up with the girls to take Boomer out.

Mary Pat eventually murdered Boomer by running him over.

If you have wondered who the actor who portrayed Boomer in Good Girls is, here is everything you need to know about David Hornsby.

Who is David Hornsby?

David Hornsby is a writer and producer born in December 1975 in Newport News, Virginia, but grew up in Houston, Texas. He and singer-songwriter Bruce Hornsby are cousins.

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama in 1998.

His early film credits include Pearl Harbor (2001) and Minority Report (2002). He portrayed Steve “The Hutch” Hutchinson on The Joe Schmo Show (2003) and appeared as Patrick in Six Feet Under (2003).

He played Louis R. Lowery in Flags of our Fathers (2006) and appeared in a recurring role as Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara in FX’s comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005). He also served as writer and producer for the show.

He played Drew in Aliens v. Predator: Requiem (2007) and Lt. Lance Brigsby in the TV movie Boldly Going Nowhere (2009).

He was the creator, writer, and producer of the short-lived CBS sitcom How to Be a Gentleman (2011-2012) in which he played the role of Andrew Carlson.

He married Emily Deschanel in September 2010 and they share two children, Henry Lamar, born in September 2011, and Calvin, born in June 2015.

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