Who is Barbara Morgan on A Million Little Things?

Jon on A Million Little Things
Jon apologizes to Barbara Morgan for something. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things is back and viewers are hoping some of the questions that have been hanging for weeks will be answered.

Jon (Ron Livingston) left an entire mess after his suicide and now, things are unraveling quickly.

One of the biggest mysteries right now surrounds Barbara Morgan. Who is this woman who was named as a beneficiary on Jon’s life insurance policy? Whatever her connection is to him, Ashley (Christina Ochoa) is in the thick of it.

Who is Barbara Morgan?

There have been so many theories about who this woman is on A Million Little Things. The new episode opened up with an apology video from Jon telling her he was sorry for abandoning her. This has sparked a bunch of chatter on social media about who she is and where she fit into his life.


One big theory is that Barbara Morgan may have been his first wife. Did he walk away from her for a life with Delilah (Stephanie Szostak)? This has also been tied in with the fact that she may be Ashley’s mom. But, didn’t Jon have an affair with her? It did show them going into a mysterious apartment and kissing.

Is she a former friend? Jon made sure that his friends were taken care of upon his death, so it would make sense that Barbara Morgan was linked into that bunch. No mention of her to any of the guys is a bit baffling though.

Jon opened up a lot to Gary (James Roday), Eddie (David Giuntoli), and Rome (Romany Malco). Why wouldn’t they know about her if she was just a friend?

When will Barbara Morgan appear on A Million Little Things?

The question is when Barbara will pop up, not if. It is rumored that she has already appeared on A Million Little Things and was the woman seen talking to Eddie in the season premiere. Coincidentally, Constance Zimmer was billed as a mourner, but it has been confirmed she would be seen again.

In the previews for the upcoming episodes, she is seen talking to Delilah and telling her she knew Jon. The big mystery will be revealed sooner than viewers think and when it happens, nothing will be the same.

A Million Little Things airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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