Who is Anna on Chicago Med cast? Hannah Alligood returns

Anna On Chicago Med
Hannah Alligood plays Anna Charles on Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Anna popped up on the Chicago Med cast again during the Season 6 premiere and it left a lot of viewers trying to remember her role on the show.

The character of Anna Charles first appeared on an episode of Chicago Med in spring 2020. It was called The Ghosts of the Past and it introduced a new wrinkle to the family of Dr. Daniel Charles.

Season 5 was a rough one for the Charles family, with Caroline Charles (the wife of Dr. Charles, played by Oliver Platt) died after a long health battle.

Dr. Charles dealt with the pain of that loss for much of the second half of Season 5, but now he has some new pressures to deal with during the coronavirus pandemic within the timeline of the show.

Who is Anna on Chicago Med cast?

Hannah Alligood plays Anna Charles on Chicago Med and we found out even more of her story during the Season 6 premiere of the show.

As for Alligood, she is best-known for playing the role of Frankie on the comedy Better Things. She has been one of the kids on that show for a number of years.

Additional roles for Alligood have included appearing in the movies Paper Towns as young Margo and as Haley in Miracles from Heaven. It’s definitely possible that her new role as Anna Charles could become where people know her best.

Chicago Med spoilers about Anna Charles

In one of the first segments of the season premiere, we saw Dr. Charles checking on Anna in one of the bedrooms of their residence. He appeared very hesitant to leave her home alone while he went in for a work shift.

At first, we are left with the impression that he is just a nervous parent during a pandemic and that he feared what could happen to her if he left her home alone. The fear of keeping kids safe during the situation going on around the world is a familiar one to every parent.

When Anna seemed very put out about being checked on, we wrote that up to her getting annoyed by an overprotective parent.

But we learned later that this wasn’t the only reason that Dr. Charles didn’t want to leave Anna alone.

In the final segment of the episode, he came home with dinner and his daughter was pretty frantic. She began to talk about how long she had been locked up in the house and that she just wanted to go out with her friends.

It turned out that this was a story from the past, as she blurted out, “Dad, of course, I feel bad, I gave you COVID.”

The scene became very personal at that point, as she finally broke down about how guilty she felt for nearly killing her dad by getting him infected. They ended up having a good talk as viewers were gripped by the drama.

More from the world of One Chicago

Over at Chicago Fire, someone left the cast and a new paramedic is working at Firehouse 51. It caught a few viewers off-guard because it wasn’t made clear during the last season finale for Chicago Fire that a primary cast member was leaving the show.

And then there is the building drama taking place on Chicago P.D. It all goes back to what happened at the end of Season 7, where Officer Kevin Atwater chose the truth over protecting the name of a fellow cop. It will impact how Season 8 progresses for the show.

Chicago med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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