Who dies on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? Sad news for Thore family

Whitney Thore discussing the sad news on My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney Thore talks about the sad news on this week’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life

UPDATE: If you want to know who died click here.

There’s sad news for Whitney Thore and her family on My Big Fat Fabulous Life this week. In the preview for the episode, viewers see a bereft Whitney and mum Barbara “Babs” Thore.

A phone call left the two in hysterics. Fans have been speculating that someone dies. Also revealed tonight, Buddy Bell may not return to Greensboro as Whitney is forced to face more than one loss on several fronts.

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Here’s what we know ahead of the episode:

What is the bad news on My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Fans will have to wait until the episode to find out exactly what happened. But in an interview with Life & Style, Whitney gave a few clues, saying: “Well, [it’s someone] that the viewers have become attached to and someone that they really like is not going to be a part of our lives anymore unexpectedly…it was devastating and just super unexpected and we’re all okay we’re all making it through.”

Is it the pig?

Everyone on Reddit seems to think that it’s Babs’ pet potbelly pig Mr. Pigglesworth who passes away.

User scout_is_my_dog said: “Did anyone see the previews/commercials for next week? I’m thing Mr. Pigglesworth might be dead, which would really piss me off. Any ideas on what else it could be?” It would make sense as Babs, who has had serious health issues and near-death scares herself in the past, appeared inconsolable after receiving the bad news.

More sad news?

Whitney could also end up having to part ways with longtime friend Buddy this week.

Previously he had hinted that moving back in with Whitney in Greensboro, NC, may not be the best plan of action for his cocaine addiction recovery after he completed a rehab program.

With treatment behind him and recovery his responsibility more than ever, Buddy must decide between staying in Whitney’s house and a sober living facility in Charleston. Meanwhile, Whitney also attempts to convince Buddy to give closure to Heather.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 8/7c  on TLC

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Carolyn C. Jones
Carolyn C. Jones
2 years ago

I think Henchey, their beloved cat, may be thee one who dies. I am already very sad.

28 days ago

I think it’s a suck like game … guess the death of a loved one or pet seriously how dam low can you be to make it a game be devastated over and lived one or pet you would announce. Let’s me to believe most of Whit tears and shit are fake…