Who did Cliff nominate for eviction on Big Brother 21?

Cliff Hogg III On BB21 Cast
Cliff Hogg is on Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

Cliff Hogg nominated two people for eviction this week on Big Brother 21 after winning the Head of Household Competition. That challenge took place late Thursday evening, several hours after the eviction episode had taken place.

It was an amazing turnaround for Cliff, as he had just been evicted from the game. Upon arriving at Camp Comeback, Cliff was immediately thrust into a competition to possibly rejoin the game.

He won the challenge and was right back in the house.

Later that same night, Cliff won the HOH Competition. As a result, he earned the chance to put two people on the block.

Who did Cliff nominate for eviction on Big Brother 21?

Cliff didn’t hold back. He nominated Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews for eviction. The duo has been trying to control the game through intimidation and bullying, but Cliff targeted them as soon as he could.

By Cliff choosing to nominate Jack and Jackson, he made the type of bold game move that most houseguests dream of being able to undertake in the game.

While a lot of former houseguests have talked about doing something like this, it rarely actually plays out in this fashion.

To make the situation even more amusing, Cliff also named Jackson as one of the Have-Nots for the week. A lot of fans have noticed that Jackson is always eating in the house, but now his diet is mostly made up of slop.

Will Cliff Hogg be successful in getting either Jackson Michie or Jack Matthews evicted from the Big Brother 21 house? Make sure to tune in for the next few episodes, beginning with one on Sunday night (July 21) at 9/8c.

Big Brother 21 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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