Who are Heather Peterson’s sisters on Grey’s Anatomy cast? Heidi and Haylee are played by Charmed actresses

Charmed Meets Grey's
Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano from Charmed join Grey’s Anatomy cast. Pic credit: ABC/YouTube

Cast From the Past Week has arrived on Grey’s Anatomy. It could lead to a lot of ABC viewers asking who plays Heather Peterson’s sisters on the Grey’s Anatomy cast.

As advertised by ABC, “Cast members and creative teams from iconic television series and films reunite on ABC prime time in Cast from the Past Week.”

A number of shows have already done it, including The Conners reuniting John Goodman and Dan Akroyd. The duo starred in Blues Brothers 2000 together and appeared in a recent episode of the Roseanne spinoff.

In the video clip shared below, two sisters are shown meeting in the waiting room of a hospital on Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s include a spoiler alert here because it’s not a waiting room at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Charmed reunion on Grey’s Anatomy

Heidi and Haylee join the Grey’s Anatomy cast as Heather Peterson’s sisters during the episode called “Reunited.” This is Season 16, Episode 3 of the show and it airs on Thursday, October 10.

According to ABC, “A patient at the hospital is brain dead after falling into a construction site, and her two sisters must decide whether or not to keep her alive.”

Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano play Heather’s sisters and the previews for the episode make it seem like they could be taking part in some very dramatic scenes together.

It’s familiar territory for them, as they starred for years together on the hit show Charmed as Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.

Their show ran for eight seasons, but the women are well-known outside of Charmed as well. Holly Marie Combs first got really noticed as Kimberly Brock on Picket Fences. Recently, she was on Pretty Little Liars as Ella Montgomery.

Alyssa Milano got her big break as Samantha Micelli on Who’s the Boss? In addition to various movie roles, including Fear and Poison Ivy II, Milano has appeared as Jennifer Mancini on Melrose Place and Savannah “Savi” Davis on Mistresses.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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